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DAP CA-4500 DSP 4 Channel DSP Powered Amp


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The DAP CA-series Compact Amplifiers are exactly that! A very compact housed power amplifier with all the necessary features for the contemporary users. Within the family of 4 there are two straight forward 2-channel models of different amplifier power, one 3-channel model which has an included crossover to easily setup a 2.1 configuration, and one 4-channel model which also includes a crossover.The DAP CA-4500 DSP amplifier is a 4 x channel high power digital amplifier featuring 500 W per channel into 4Ω. In bridge mode it becomes a stereo amplifier delivering 1000 W per channel. Besides this it also can drive 70V and 100V line output which can be selected in the menu. The CA-4500 includes a powerful DSP where all parameters can be edited via a built-in OLED screen with an encoder or via a PC using the software editor. DSP functions include 8 band EQ, noise gate, compressor and delay with temperature setting. Working modes and channel routing are also available and can be edited easily as other DSP parameters. The CA-4500 is very compact (1U rack) and light (8kg), so it is a perfect amplifier for high power fixed or mobile applications.

  • 4-channel DSP powered amplifier
  • OLED display and PC configurable
  • SMPS & Class-D Amp Technology
  • Advanced protection circuits
  • Low impedance and 70/100V output
Mono Inputs 4
Mono Input Connector 3pole XLR
Mono Input Impedance 20.000 Ω
Output per channel 8 ohm on 1Khz 250 W
Output per channel 4 ohm on 1Khz 500 W
2 ohm Stable No
Bridge Output 8 ohm on 1Khz 1000 W
Output per channel 8 ohm on 20 Hz > 20 Khz 250 W
Output per channel 4 ohm on 20 Hz > 20 Khz 500 W
Bridge Output 8 ohm on 20 Hz > 20 Khz 1000 W
Bridge Output 100V 1200 W
Output Channels 4
Output Gain 34 dB
Output Mode 4-channel / Bridge / Mono / Parallel / Stereo
Output Connector NL4
THD Distortion Level < 0.15%
Signal – Noise Ratio > 95dB
AD/DA Convertor Sample Rate 96 kHz
Audio Latency 1.5 ms
SLEW Rate 25 V/μs
Amp Technology Class D /Class H
Dampings Factor 180 :1
Crosstalk 60 dB
Frequency Respons Minimum 20 Hz
Frequency Respons Maximum 20.000 Hz
Supported Operating Systems Windows
Parametric Input Equalizer 8 Bands
Parametric Output Equalizer 8 Bands
Equalizer Types Input Bell / High Shelf / Low Shelf / Notch
Equalizer Types Output High Shelf 12 / High Shelf 6 / Low Shelf 12 / Low Shelf 6
Crossover Filter Types Bessel / Butterworth / Linkwitz Riley
Crossover Slopes 12 dB / 18 dB / 24 dB / 30dB / 36dB / 42dB / 48 dB / 6 dB
Dynamics Type Compressor / Gate / Limiter
Phase Reverse Yes
Control Mode Manual / PC Software
Display OLED
Power Supply 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
SMPS Included Yes
Power Consumption 1100 W
Fuse 10 A
Power Connector in IEC C13 male
Data Connector in USB
Length (mm) 483 mm
Height (mm) 44 mm
Width (mm) 285 mm
Weight 5,9 kg
Flightcase Size 19″
Rack Units 1 U
IP Rating IP20(indoor use only)
Housing Metal
Finish Powder
Colour Black
Amplifier Airflow Front to back
Amplifier Cooling Radial Fan
Electronic Protection Clip limiter (fixed) / DC voltage / Overheat / Overload / Short circuit / Softstart / Thermal
Included Cables IEC cable

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