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Palmer vils Channel Merge Line Isolation Box


  • Noisless sound for presentations
  • For connecting a laptop or consumer audio device to a professional microphone input
  • Mix two input channels (e.g. laptop headphone output) to mono
  • Galvanic transformer isolation for interference-free sound
  • Passive operation, no power supply needed
  • Perfect adjustment of level and impedance
  • Balanced output allows for longer cable runs without interference
  • Solid casing made of aluminium and steel
  • Incl. rewritable tour label for attachment onto the back of the vils
  • Engineered in Germany

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We’ve all had the same experience before:

At home the sound was crisp and clean but during the presentation it hums and buzzes and there is no time to figure out the cause.

Here is where the Palmer vils comes in handy as it safely isolates the ground potentials of the laptop, media devices and PA systems from each other. (Calm returns and the audience and you can concentrate fully on your presentation again.)

The Palmer vils has two unbalanced RCA inputs. You can use a standard Y cable with 3.5 mm jack to connect to the headphones output on the laptop. The vils sums both stereo channels to mono so that you only require one free microphone input for the connection to the PA.

The Palmer vils is extremely easy to use and its passive operation means it does not need a power supply. A resistor network and a transformer, which simultaneously balances the signal, ensure an optimal adjustment of level and impedance. This means that there is no interference even with longer cable runs.

With the Palmer vils, you can be sure that your presentations are as crisp and clear as they sound at home.


Product type:  line isolator
Type:  passive
Channels:  1
Transformer isolated:  yes
Inputs:  2
Input type:  unbalanced
Input connectors:  RCA
Outputs:  1
Output type:  balanced
Output connectors:  XLR
Ground lift switch:  yes
Housing:  Aluminium continuous casting
Dimensions (W x H x D):  50 x 140 x 68 mm
Weight:  0,385 kg
Ambient temperature (in operation):  – 20 – 70 °C
Relative Humidity:  < 80% (non-condensing)
Accessories (included):  Inscription label (tour label), rubber feet

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