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Adam Hall Audio Cable REAN 3.5 mm Jack stereo to 2 x RCA male 0.9 m


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Audio cable equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo TRS plug and two gold-plated cinch / RCA plugs for optimum transmission. Connects modern signal sources such as MP3 players to the DJ or live mixing desk without additional adapters.

Product type:  Pre-assembled Cables
Type:  Audio cable
Cable Length:  0.9 m
Color:  Black
Cable diameter:  4.3 mm
Cross section:  0.22 mm²
Connector 1-A:  RCA
Gender of connector 1-A:  male
Poles of connector 1-A:  2
Contacts of connector 1-A:  gold plated
Manufacturer of connector 1-A:  Rean
Model number connector 1-A:  RF2C-AU-0
Connector 1-B:  RCA
Gender of connector 1-B:  male
Poles of connector 1-B:  2
Contacts of connector 1-B:  gold plated
Manufacturer of connector 1-B:  Rean
Model number connector 1-B:  RF2C-AU-0
Connector 2:  3.5 mm jack
Gender of connector 2:  male
Poles of connector 2:  3
Contacts of connector 2:  nickel plated
Manufacturer of connector 2:  Rean
Model number connector 2:  RTP3C

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