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Showgear Handheld Confetti Cannon Pro 80 cm, white/silver


  • Maximum load of confetti / streamers inside
  • Complies with SP 371(1)
  • BAM tested
  • Confetti and streamers are DIN4102-1 B1 certified

Available on back-order

The Showgear handheld cannon is a single-use cannon, prefilled with confetti or streamers. The bottom part of the cannon contains a cartridge which is filled with nitrogen. To fire a handheld cannon, twist the bottom end, and the pressurised cartridge shoots the confetti or streamers out of the barrel of the cannon.
All confetti and streamer materials are certified flameproof according to DIN4102-1 Class B1. Given its resistance to ignition, the use of these products in sensible amounts can be regarded as fire safe.

Length (cm):  80 cm
Colour:  Silver, White
FX Capacity (kg):  0.2 kg

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