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Antari SL-5H – Super Dry Snow Liquid


  • High snow volume
  • Dry snowflakes
  • Whirl down slowly
  • Disappears quickly once entering the floor
  • No odour and leaves little residue

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The Antari SL-5H is a snow liquid that can produce the highest snow volume, up to twice as much compared to regular snow liquids. Besides, is has the driest snowflakes among all Antari liquids, causing the lightweight snowflakes to whirl down slowly and disappear quickly once hitting the ground. Compatible Antari snow/foam machines are the S-100X, S-200X, SW-250(X), SW-300 and S500(L).

The SL-5H is suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation and leaves little residue. Don’t mix up with water such as snow/foam concentrate.

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