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Equinox Apache Laser


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  • DMX channels: 12
  • Laser diodes:
    1 x 200mW Green (532nM),
    1 x 500mW Blue (450nM),
    1 x 500mW Red (650nM)
  • High speed scanner with extra wide scanner angle
  • Sound active, auto 1 (pattern), auto 2 (animation), slave and DMX modes
  • 3-pin XLR in/out sockets
  • ILDA compatible

The combined 1200mW of red, green and blue laser diodes create a rainbow of patterns with ultra-smooth movements from its high speed optical scanners that are capable of creating full colour animated graphics, varied light shows and displays. A multitude of built-in patterns and effects can be controlled by DMX or simple sound to light/auto modes along with an ILDA interface port so you can create your own animations and graphics via ILDA software/controller.