Showtec Galactic RGY-140 MKII


  • 140 mW laser
  • Red, Green and Yellow colour output
  • 32 patterns and built-in programs
  • Rotate and X/Y roll function
  • 30° scan angle with manual zoom

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The Showtec Galactic RGY-140 MKII is an 140 mW laser with Red, Green and Yellow colour output, 32 patterns and built-in programs, suitable for indoor venues. Its wide 30° scan angle with manual zoom, rotate and X/Y roll functions makes it fit for either short-throw and long distance applications. The Galactic RGY-140 MKII is controllable via DMX, Master/Slave and Infrared remote in either Manual, Auto-run and Sound controlled mode. It comes with an infrared remote and is compatible with other Galactic MKII lasers. Please note that an optional remote interlock is required for safety regulations.
The Showtec Galactic series offers multiple colour lasers with, depending on the model, the possibility to add custom/preset texts, symbols or even 3D laser effects, suitable for any indoor venue. The fixtures have a bright output of 140 to 1000 mW for creating vibrant multi-colour effects, suitable for small to big areas. Equipped with the latest laser technology, the Galactic fixtures have better visuals, areal effects, faster movements and are much more affordable according to older laser units. Every Galactic model is easy to control via DMX and Master/Slave in Auto run and Sound-controlled mode. The lasers come with an infrared remote and the TXT lasers even have a keyboard included to easily create custom text on spot. Also, you can use the TXT and 3D lasers in combination with ILDA software for creating your own personalized laser show. Each projector offers various built-in effects and has included or optional accessories to extend and improve functionalities. Contact us now for free advice and receive an offer you cannot refuse or check out our product pages for more information.
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