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Abstract Conductor Set 6 Air/Sharp

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Take individual control of these definitive, colourful, blinding pixels to enhance your visual appeal. Pixel mappable LED light bars precisely designed as a visual/strobe blinding effect. Running at an astonishing 6W these lights definitely show clarity & brightness, fitting in most entertainment & architectural environments.


Power Consumption – 10W
Voltage – 90-252V
Weight – 1.3KG
Mounting – Mount Bracket
Data Connection – DMX512 (4PIN)
Housing – Black or White
LED Temperature – 4000K
Beam Control – 10º Pin Spot Lenses
Cooling System – Fan Cooled
Operating Temperature – -10ºc / +40ºc
Operating Modes – 24 Channel Show Mode, Standalone, Single to Multiple Pixel Mapping
Features – 0.4W LEDs, 25 LEDs Per Bar, RGBW Pixels & Pin Spot Visuals
Functions – 0-100% Dimmer, Variable speed strobe & Macro flow effects


Simple, dynamic, pixel control. With its all new redefined S1 Knight Software, the Arco Driver takes Pixel control to a whole new level. Using a powerful Atmega chip, this driver is faster than ever with its seamlessly built in macros. Integrated with Pixel functionality, effortless programming is at hand. Running alongside DMX512, you can use any major Pixel Mapping software directly through your Arco Drive. Connect up to 6 Conductors with the Arco 6, or alternatively use the Arco 12 to run up to 12 Conductors.