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Abstract Digibar System 6 Bars with Controller (B-Stock)

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DBR-25 Installation 6 Pack

6 x 6 WATT 24-450 CHANNEL

The DigiBar 25 is a colourful 25 pixel linear matrix of individually

controllable RGB Led’s for low resolution visual effects.

With interlinking brackets, the DigiBar become building blocks

which can be built up into any configuration.

Take control of your DigiBar with our DigiDrive’s show mode to

enable the driver’s preprogrammed visual effects, which can

be triggered using just 24 DMX channels.

Or for more control take the DigiDrive into full mode to have

full access to the 450 DMX channels for pixel mapping




System Colours: RGB

Weight: kg

Lamp Length: 827mm

Lamp Width: 35mm

Lamp Depth: 34mm

Driver Electrical

Input Voltage: 100-240v

Max Power Consumption: 60W

Outputs: 6 Individual Outputs

Output Voltage: 5V

DigiTubes Electrical

Input Voltage: 5V

Max Power Consumption: 6W


Internal programs accessed via 4 segment display

Show mode visual effects from 24 DMX channels

Full mode for pixel mapping


Operating Ambient Temp Range: -10 ºc / +40 ºc

Cooling System: Convection


Standalone Preset Patterns

Tel: +44 (0) 116 278 8078

Email: [email protected]


DBR-25 User Data – Specifications

Date: 04-04-2016

Page 4/6

Drive boots up on P001, press ‘-’ / ‘+’ buttons to select a program.

P001 – Fire

P002 – Colour change with sparkle

P003 – Magenta with smooth trance

P004 – Blue with comet

P005 – Red corners with dissolve

P006 – Colour change dissolve

P007 – Colour change swipe with sparkle

P008 – Colour change corners with trance

P009 – Colour change with white dissolve

P010 – Colour change pulse with sparkle

P011 – Red / Blue swipte with trance

P012 – Red pulse with sparkle

P013 – Colour change with fast comet

P014 – Colour change with sparkle 2

P015 – Green overtake with sparkle

P016 – Random strobe

P017 – Full strobe

P018 – Red sparkle with white pulse

P019 – Green dissolve with Yellow sparkle

P020 – Blue swipe with White trance

Further standalone features are accessible via the 4 button digital display including:

‘Test’, ‘Demo’, ‘Red’, ‘Yellow’, ‘Green’, ‘Cyan’, ‘Blue’, ‘Purple’, ‘White’.