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Showtec Lite 4 Pro DMX Controller



9 Channel DMX-Controller 9 Ch. DMX-Controller with 4 dimming-controls and 1 master-control, 4 switch- and a controllable AUX channel. 12 pre-programmed memories are available, and all memories are also programmable. The desk will start in the same mode and with the same running program, which has been set when it was switched off (eg. when using a time-clock). Due to its clear and compact design this is an easy to use and ideal light-desk for musicians, DJ, and rental companies. Specifications • 9 channel DMX Controller • 4 dimming controls • 1 master controls • 4 switch- and controllable AUX channel • 12 pre-programmed memories • all memories are also programmable • tap-sync button, speed fader, fade-to-speed switch • music-controlled by a built-in microphone and by external sound input • step button, standby button, flash button • full-on, blackout • Dimensions: 483 x 49/84 x 133 mm • Weight: 3,26 kg