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Wolfmix W1 DMX Lighting Controller


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The Wolfmix W1 is a DMX Lighting controller which gives you ultimate power over your lighting rigs. It features 37 buttons, four rotary encoders, and a 4.3″ touchscreen, giving you all you need to design and control jaw-dropping lighting shows. It has the capability to control four lighting universes on its own, but you can link an additional unit and have up to eight groups.

Use the touch-screen to blend colours to your exact liking, whether in RGBW or RGBWAU. And with three effects modules, you get plenty of scope for enhancing your show – whether that’s by making dynamic moving head patterns, or creating custom beam effects.

You can use Wolfmix W1 as a standalone unit, or you can connect it to your computer for additional capabilities. This includes beat syncing with DJ software, backing up your projects on the cloud, and over 15000 fixture profiles to load. And with an add-on purchase, you can even create a 3D visualisation of your stage.


  • Complete control with 37 silicone buttons, four push encoders and a 4.3″ touchscreen
  • Use with up to four DMX universes straight away
  • Colour, movement and beam effects modules add excitement to your show
  • Seamlessly blend RGBW and RGBWAU colours with the touch screen
  • High quality components with nightly performance in mind
  • Use as a standalone controller, or pair with the WTOOLS app for PC & Mac
  • WTOOLs enables extra features such as beat syncing with DJ software
  • Massive depth with 25 FX, 8 groups, 100 presets and more
  • Can be connected to an additional Wolfmix W1 for an increased number of control groups
  • Wide range of additional in-depth features for control and customisation of almost every level of your light show


  • Colour FX:
    • Rainbow
    • Sparkle
    • Chaser
    • Light Fever
    • Jumping Rainbow
    • Lightning Sparkle
    • Running Rainbow
    • Symmetrical Chaser
  • Move FX:
    • Tilt
    • Pan
    • Circle
    • 8 Ball
    • Magic Carpet
    • Cancan
    • Conductor
    • Sequencer
  • Beam FX:
    • Sin
    • Sparkle
    • Chaser
    • Light Fever
    • Heartbeat
    • Sequencer 1
    • Sequencer 2
    • Sequencer 3


  • Housing:
    • ABS Plastic
    • Powder-coated steel base plate with 100mm VESA (M4 6mm max)
    • Powder-coated steel reinforced back plate
  • Display:
    • 4.3” Color TFT with tinted glass
    • Capacitive touch
  • Encoders:
    • Full body alloy
    • Incremental push with acceleration
  • Button pads:
    • 37 Silicone buttons with matt oil finishing
    • LED color backlit
  • Processing:
    • 220Mhz CPU with ARM core
    • 8MB RAM
    • 16MB Flash
  • Audio:
    • Omnidirectional electret mic
    • 3.5mm Jack Line-In
    • Analog adaptive peak detector
  • DMX:
    • 2x 3pin DMX OUT XLR connectors
    • 1x 5pin DMX OUT XLR connector
    • 1x 5pin DMX IN/OUT XLR connector with WLINK
  • USB:
    • USB-B connector- 900ma required (USB3 rating)
    • High-speed USB communication
  • Dimensions: 195 x 220 x 62 mm
  • Weight: 1070g

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