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ADJ Mirrorball 30cm M-1212


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The M-1212 (30cm) Mirror Ball from ADJ is that one accessory you need to add to your light and dj show. Get one for your wedding reception and make it shine above you during your first dance. It is going to offer that spectacular Saturday night fever atmosphere you are looking for.


With 100s of reflective glass mirrors, expect a brilliant reflection to be projected onto every square inch of the dance floor. Shine different colored lights towards the M-1212 Mirror Ball to produce a spectacular mix of colored spots all over the room. Using the M-1212 Mirror Ball during your next event will surely draw people into the middle of the dance floor, instead of staying on the side lines like we are back in high school.

This mirror ball is perfect for clubs, weddings, and private events due to its low cost and versatility. Use the loop on top of the M-1212 Mirror Ball to hang it anywhere you want within your venue. Make the right choice for your next dance and pick the M-1212 Mirror Ball from ADJ.

Mirrorball with solid plastic core
High stability through continuous axis
Continuous bonding
Real glass mirrors
Holding bail
Additional security bail for security chain safety
Motor not included


Diameter: 12” (30 cm)
Weight: 2,24kg / 4.93 lbs.

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