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Showtec Shark Combi Spot One


30 W 13° Spot and 6 x 8 W 25° Wash Moving Head
7 gobos + open
7 colours + white
Motorised focus
Infrared remote included

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The Showtec Shark Combi Spot One is a compact and reliable 2-in-1 Moving Head with a 30 watt white Spot and 6 x 8 W RGBW Wash, suitable for indoor venues. Its 7 gobos + open with motorized focus and 7 dichroic colours + white with rainbow-flow effect create nice, razor-sharp optical effects. Equipped with dimmer, strobe and gobo flow and -shake effects, the Shark Combi Spot One can create a wide range of vibrant effects. All features and effects can be controlled via DMX and Master/Slave in either Manual, Auto run and Sound-controlled mode. Additionally, the Shark Combi Spot One includes an infrared remote for wireless point-and-shoot control. With a single press on the button, you can activate Auto run and Sound-controlled built-in programs, as well as other available features and effects. The Showtec Shark Combi Spot One body fits best in the 2-unit DAP D7048 case and 4-unit DAP D7049 flight case.

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