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JTS RU-992 RU-G3THx2 System


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RU-992 RU-G3THx2

The RU-992 is a full rack version of the RU-8012DB. 2 independent channels with individual XLR outputs. A large informative LED display, together with the Ultasonic REMOSET technology make setup and operation super simple. Supplied with 2 x RU-G3TH for a complete dual handheld system.
RU-992 Receiver Features:
*JTS “Antenna diversity”
Two antennas are used, spaced a few inches apart, each receiving the same signal from the transmitter. The receiver constantly measures the signal strength coming from both antennas, and switches to whichever antenna is picking up the stronger signal.*6 groups, each with up to 22 compatible preset channels
*1,441 selectable individual frequencies
*REMOSET ULTRASONIC technology for receiver/transmitter synchronisation
*Auto-Scan function
*Pilot tone squelch and noise mute
*Backlit LCD display with status indications, e.g. group/channel, antenna A/B, RF receiving level, AF audio level
*2 x XLR output (balanced.) and 2 x 6.3 mm TS Jack output (unbalanced.) And a switched mixed unbalanced  output utilizing one of the TS Jack outputs.
*Removable BNC Antennas
*Full rack size with rack ears included.
*Optional rechargable Station with rechargable batteries is available (G3CH-2)
Available in CH 38 (606.5-642MHz)
RU-G3TH Hand-Held transmitter features:
*Phase-locked Loop (PLL) synthesized tuner.
*Powered by 2 x AA batteries.
*Back lit LCD display with channel and battery life indicator, ID number.
*Extended dynamic range and smooth frequency response.
*Noise mute and tone-key squelch.
*Seperate Mute switch and Power button.
*Optional Charger available (G3CH-2)
Available in CH 38 (606.5-642MHz)
S/N Ratio:
> 105dB
Pilot Tone & Noise Mute
Output Connector:
2x independent balanced XLR and 2x 6.3mm unbalanced jack
Carrier Frequency Range:
PLL Synthesized Control
Frequency Setting:
Ultrasonic / REMOSET (Transmit)
Receiving Mode:
Antenna Diversity
Power Supply:
Frequency Range:
Handheld Capsule:
BNC Socket

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