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Sennheiser EW-D 835-S Wireless Handheld Set, S1-7 Band


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The Sennheiser EW-D 835-S Wireless Handheld Set takes vocal performances to the next level. Whether you’re the tech or the talent, its user-friendly, streamlined design makes it perfect for professional music and business applications alike. Evolve your event with accurate sound capture from a renowned dynamic microphone capsule. Its exceptional off-axis rejection and high SPL handling capability delivers total clarity across digital UHF transmission.

That means reliable connection up to 300ft, an extended 56MHz bandwidth, and scalability up to 90 channels. Each EW-D SKM-S has been designed for ultra-low latency, too. So even when you?re using multiple devices in your signal chain, you’ll never have to worry about your performance feeling unnatural. Just connect and enjoy up to eight hours operation time via AA battery power, or up to twelve hours with the optional Lithium Ion battery pack.

Maximise workflow with a receiver that lets you adjust parameters on the spot. Control gain-staging, system monitoring, and more, directly from the EW-D EM, or make changes from the best seat in the house with the dedicated Smart Assist app. That means less focus on the details, and more time for your craft. It’s like having an engineer in your pocket.

Get your talent heard

Whether you’re a singer, public speaker, or spoken word artist, you need total clarity to get your message across. That’s why the Sennheiser EW-D 835-S Wireless Handheld Set comes with an e 835 capsule included. It’s professional sonic character makes it a favourite for live performances, delivering mids-centric sound, low mids, and present treble. The cardioid polar pattern keeps out unwanted background noise, feedback, and ambience, so even during the liveliest performances you’ll get complete focus on your sound source. Enjoy clean, undistorted audio, even when you’re belting. High SPL handling capabilities allow you to reach up to 154dB without affecting your sound quality.

Become your own engineer

All you need is an Android or iOS device. With the Evolution Wireless System, it’s easy to manage your workflow from the free Smart Assist app. Alongside comprehensive control from the receiver, you can alter parameters from anywhere in the room. Take advantage of automated setup that intelligently creates wireless connections, colour code and name channels/subjects, and allocate frequencies with wireless channel naming. The centralised control eliminates complicated menu navigation, maximising your workflow and streamlining your operation. It even has a working ‘demo’ mode so you can use the app before you buy the hardware.

Sound that gets you noticed

Next generation technology for the next generation of live performers. The Evolution Wireless System gets every detail of your talent heard with a wide dynamic range. Unlike lesser systems, microphone sensitivity doesn’t have to be reduced to prevent your transmitter from overloading. Instead, the EW-D’s unrivalled 134dB dynamic range allows for the highest input of any wireless system ever. You’ll hear the deepest lows and the brightest highs, all without distortion getting in the way.

Space to perform

The wireless spectrum is always getting more crowded. But with EW-D, you’ll never have to worry about finding space. With an extended 56 MHz bandwidth, you’ve got room for more microphone channels, resulting in crisp, clean reception. Because the Evolution Wireless System is scalable up to 90 channels, you’ve got unrestricted access to a larger part of the frequency spectrum no matter where you go. The result? Flawless signal integrity every time you perform.

Less interruptions…

… and less interference. Evolution Wireless has corrected the age-old problem of transmitter overload. Where older wireless systems would require complex calculations to prevent intermodulation, the EW-D uses Equidistant Spacing, allowing you to use multiple transmitters in close proximity. As soon as you find a clean channel, you can use it safely without harming your system.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x EW-D EM rack receiver
  • 1 x EW-D SKM-S handheld transmitter
  • 1 x MMD 835 microphone module
  • 1 x MZQ 1 microphone clamp
  • 2 x Rod antennas
  • 1 x Power supply with country adapters
  • 4 x Rubber feet
  • 1 x Quick guide
  • 1 x Safety guide
  • 1 x Manufacturer declaration sheet


  • Versatile microphone capsule for professional singers and spoken word artists alike
  • Clear, accurate sound from a dynamic microphone element
  • Capable of handling loud sound sources without distortion – all the way up to 154dB SPL
  • Blocks out unwanted background noise and feedback with a cardioid polar pattern
  • Handheld transmitter compatible with a wide range of Evolution, Digital 9000, and Neumann capsules
  • Eliminates noise, interference, and static busts with digital UHF reception
  • Allows up to 90 channels with a bandwidth of 56MHz
  • Clean, easy channel search with the Auto Scan function
  • Smooth, precise tuning with 25 kHz (100kHz for 1.8GHz sets) step size
  • Eliminates intermodulation issues with Equidistant Spacing
  • Reliable wireless performance in crowded RF environments thanks to a simplified multi-channel setup
  • Easy to connect with Bluetooth extended range sync
  • Adjust all parameters directly from your receiver – including gain-staging, battery status, systems monitoring, and more
  • Total control of your system via Smart Assist App control for Android and iOS
  • Impressive eight-hour transmitter battery life from 2 x AA batteries
  • Extended twelve-hour transmitter battery life with the optional rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Silence your microphone with the on-board mute switch
  • Over 300ft range from 10 mW RF output power
  • Lowest latency in its class (1.9mS)
  • Robust, roadworthy design with durable, all-metal housing
  • Ideal size for standard ½ 19” equipment racks
  • Organise your wireless system components with optional colour-coding kits



  • Audio link frequency ranges: S1-7 606.2 – 662 MHz
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) frequency range: 2402 – 2480 MHz
  • Audio frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (-3 dB) @ 3 dBfs
  • Audio THD: (less than/equal to) -60 dB for 1 kHz @ -3 dBfs input level
  • Operating temperature: -10 °C – +55 °C (14 °F – 131 °F)
  • Relative humidity: 5 – 95 (non-condensing)

EW-D EM (Rack Receiver)

  • Input voltage: 11 – 13 V (DC voltage)
  • Input current: ≤ 300 mA
  • Transmit power (radiated): BLE: max. 10 mW EIRP
  • Audio output power: 18 dBu max.
  • Dimensions: 212 x 44 x 189 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1000 g (without antennas and power supply)

EW-D SKM-S (Handheld Transmitter)

  • Input voltage: 2.0 – 4.35 V
  • Input current: (below) 300 mA
  • Power supply: 2 AA batteries 1.5 V (alkali manganese) or BA 70 rechargeable battery pack
  • Occupied bandwidth: 200 kHz
  • Transmit power: Audio link: 10 mW ERP (Range Y1-3: 12 mW ERP) BLE: max. 10 mW EIRP
  • Dimensions (ø x l): 40 x 200 mm (without microphone module)
  • Weight (without batteries): approx. 195 g (without microphone module)

MMD 835 (Microphone Module)

  • Transducer principle: Dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 2.1 mV/Pa
  • Sound pressure level: 154 dB SPL
  • Pickup pattern: cardioid


  • Packaging dimensions: 405 x 350 x 73mm
  • Weight (full set): 3kg

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