Gemini PMX-10


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16 RGB pads for hotcue and sample triggering

The PMX-10 adds 8 pads per side for convenient triggering of hotcues and samples. Pads are responsive and easy to press, with bright illumination easy to see in any lighting conditions.

Amazing stand-alone mixer

Even without a computer attached, the PMX-10 is a fantastic 2 channel battle mixer, complete with adjustable crossfader and channel faders, booth and recording outputs, as well as balanced outputs. The inner chassis and replaceable crossfader mean this mixer will be in your line-up for years to come.

Ultimate DJ mixer controller

Been looking for a DJ Mixer-style MIDI controller? The PMX-10 delivers the ultimate DJ mixer controller experience because it is a DJ mixer. No other mixer delivers this kind of flexibility, regardless of price!

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