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LD Systems VIBZ 6 D 6-Channel Mixing Console with DFX


  • 6-channel mixer with 16 digital effects
  • 2 microphone channels with 3-band EQ
  • 2 mono-compatible stereo line channels with 2-band EQ
  • Master, Monitor and headphone outputs
  • Securely fastening external power supply

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The VIBZ 6 is a compact 6-channel mixer which is perfectly suited to entertainers, small bands, home recording and installations. It features two balanced microphone inputs with high quality preamps, phantom power and 3-band EQ with +/-15 dB adjustment scope, two stereo line inputs with 2-band EQ, which are mono-compatible, and an effects loop.

The master section of the VIBZ 6 is equipped with adjustable monitor outputs, a headphone jack and 16 digital effects presets, which are foot-switchable. The mixer also has inputs and outputs for recording and playback devices, is extremely easy to use and offers a warm differentiated sound. The external power supply can be screwed on tightly.

A foot switch for the effects section and an adapter for mounting the VIBZ 6 on microphone stands are available as accessories.


Product type:  Mixers
Type:  Live
Channels:  6
Mono Channels:
Mono Mic and Line Input Channels: 2
Mono Mic input connectors:  6.3 mm TRS, XLR
Mono Mic Input Type:  Electronically balanced
Mono Mic Input Frequency Range:  10 Hz
Amplification Range mono Mic Input:  0 – 50 dB
Mono Mic Input Input THD-N:  0.0058%
Mono Mic Input Impedance:  4k Ohm(s)
Mono Line Input Type:  Electronically balanced
Mono Line Input Frequency Range:  10 Hz
Amplification Range mono Line Input:  0 – 50 dB
Mono Line Input Input THD-N:  0.0045 %
Mono Line Input Impedance:  21k Ohm(s)
Mono Line Input S/N Ratio:  116 dB
Mono Channel Equalizer High:  +/- 15 dB @ 12000 Hz
Mono Channel Equalizer Low:  +/- 15 dB @ 80 Hz
Controls Mono Mic and Line Input Channels:  3-band EQ (High, Mid, Low), AUX (DFX) Post, Channel Volume, Gain, pan
Phantom power:  48 V DC switchable
Stereo Channels:
Stereo Line Input Channels:  2
Stereo Line Input Connectors:  6.3 mm TS
Stereo Line Input Type:  Unbalanced
Stereo Line Input Frequency Range:  10 – 54000 Hz
Stereo Line Input Input THD-N:  0.0045 %
Stereo Line Input Impedance:  3,7k Ohm(s)
Stereo Line Input S/N Ratio:  116 dB
Stereo channel equalizer treble:  +/- 15 dB @ 12000 Hz
Stereo channel equalizer bass:  +/- 15 dB @ 80 Hz
Controls Stereo Line Input Channels:  2-band EQ (High,Low), AUX (DFX) Post, Balance, Channel Volume
Main Section:
AUX / Effects Send Channels:  1
AUX / Effects Send Connectors:  6.3 mm stereo jack unbalanced
Stereo AUX Return Channels:  1 x stereo
Stereo AUX Return Connectors:  2 x 6.3 mm TRS
Stereo Tape Out Channel:  1 x stereo
Stereo Tape Out Connectors:  2 x RCA (Cinch)
Stereo Tape In Channel:  1 x stereo
Stereo Tape In Connenctors:  2 x RCA (Cinch)
Unbalanced stereo Main Outputs:  1
Unbalanced stereo Main Output Connections:  6.3 mm TRS
Unbalanced Stereo Main Out Impedance:  120 Ohm(s)
Max. Unbalanced Stereo Main Out Level:  +20 dBu
Stereo Control Room Out:  1
Stereo Control Room Out Connectors:  6.3 mm stereo jack unbalanced
Headphones ouput:  1
Headphones outputs:  6.3 mm TRS
Digital Effects Processor:  Yes, 24-bit AD/DA Resolution
Number of Presets:  16
Footswitch Connector DFX Mute:  6.3 mm TRS
Main section controls:  2-track Assignment (Main, Contr. Room), 2-track In Volume, DFX Mute Schalter, DFX Presets, DFX To Main Volume, Master Volume, Phantom Power, Phones / Control Room Volume, Stereo Return Volume
Indicators:  4-segment Level Meter, Channel Peak, DFX Peak / Mute, Phantom Power, Power
Operating voltage:  18V DC – 1 A, External PSU, 230 V
Width:  209 mm
Height:  68 mm
Depth:  260 mm
Weight:  1,45 kg

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