Pioneer CDJ 350 Limited White


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The pearl white CDJ-350-W is a quality entry-level DJ deck that will play all professional and popular formats on CD or USB, in line with the professional CDJ-2000. And it really comes to life when you connect with your computer. Its USB connection allows for Plug & Play control of compatible DJ software, plus MIDI control for any music software. Also, you can use your CDJ-350-W as an audio interface. With the deck comes Rekordbox™, our own music management software that analyses the BPM and beat position of songs in your library. When you have finished preparing, you can transfer your songs and playlists to a USB device so you can select them by album, artist or genre on your CDJ-350-W. An industry first feature, DJs can create and edit playlists right on the player. Product Features Plays: Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, USB Memory Devices, WAV (48/44.1kHz, 24/16 bit), AIFF (48/44.1 kHz, 24/16 bit), MP3, AAC MP3: MPEG-1 32Kbps – 320 Kbps, MPEG-2 16 Kbps – 160 Kbps MIDI Control: Yes Rekordbox: Yes Anti Vibration: Yes Input/Output Disc Slot: Yes USB: Yes Analogue Output: 1 stereo RCA Display Display: Yes Beat Display: Yes Performance Control Jog Dial Size: 109,2 mm Jog Dial Type: Touch sensitive Hot Loop: Yes Quick Start: Yes Auto Mix Play: Yes Real Time Seamless Loop: Yes Loop Adjust: Out Adjust Loop Divide: Yes Reloop: Yes Jog Modes: CDJ / Vinyl Mode Pitch Bend: Yes Scratch Play / Cue: Yes Fader Start / Back Cue Start: Yes Tempo Master Tempo: Yes Tempo Control Steps: 0.02% at [±6%], 0.05% at [±10%], 0.05% at [±16%], 0.5% Tempo Control Ranges (CD): WIDE, ±16, ±10, ±6 Tempo Control Ranges (MP3): ±16, ±10, ±6 BPM Counter: Yes Front loading Slot-In CD: Yes Cue Functions Auto Cue: Yes Manual Cue: Yes Real Time Cue: Yes Product Specifications Frequency Response: 4 Hz to 20 kHz Signal to Noise Ratio: 115 dB Distortion: 0,006% (JEITA) Audio Output Level: 2.0 Vrms (1 kHz) Power Consumption: 16 Watt Power Requirements: AC 220 V to 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz Dimensions (W x H xD): 220 mm (W) × 107 mm (H) × 288.5 mm (D) mm Net Weight: 2.3 kg Included Accessories Rekordbox software Power cord Stereo phono cable Forced eject pin Manual

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