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Cameo PHANTOM H2 Hazer


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  • Highly efficient heating element (600 W), preheating: approx. 2 mins
  • Bicolour 0.8 l illuminated tank with level indicator
  • Output volume: 226 m³/min (max.)
  • Fluid use: only 3.5 ml/min @ 100% output performance
  • Easy configuration via LED display, DMX or standalone
  • Suitable for water-based hazer fluids (e.g. Cameo Haze Fluid)
  • Removable fluid tank for easy refilling
  • Built-in overheating protection
  • Adjustable output angle with deflector
  • Includes mounting bracket and remote control

A perfect light show requires evenly distributed fog. The Cameo PHANTOM H2 600 W compact hazer is perfect for this. It produces small fog volumes that are output evenly throughout the duration of its use, thereby preventing thick clouds! The professional execution of sophisticated lighting effects is efficiently realisable for private event technicians, musicians and DJs with this hazer, while its robust design makes it especially attractive to rental companies.

Perfect hazer effects are achieved by its optimally attuned components. The highly efficient heating element facilitates a short preheating time of around 2 minutes and achieves a maximum output volume of 226 m³/min. At the same time, the device consumes a maximum of 3.5 ml of fluid per minute and is suitable for use with environmentally-friendly water-based haze fluid. The bicolour illuminated tank holds 0.8 litres for plenty of available fluid and features a level indicator. Refilling doesn’t have to be done at the device as the tank can be easily removed and put back in after filling.

Configuration can be done via the clearly designed LED display and the device can be operated using DMX or the remote controller via a 10 m cable. Built-in overheating protection ensures operational safety.

Even once the hazer has been installed, its output angle can still be adjusted. This is achieved with the deflector, which allows for improved combination of the hazer output and lighting without having to change the hazer setup.

Once it has been installed using the included bracket, the appealing design of the Cameo PHANTOM H2 600 W compact hazer, with bicolour black/cool grey metal housing, makes it an attractive addition to any stage and lighting setup.

Product type


600 W

Output volume
ca. 226 m³/min

Warm-up time
ca. 2 min

Fluid tank capacity
0.8 l

Fluid Consumption
ca. 3.5 ml/min

Remote connection
DIN 5-Pol male

Remote cable length
10 m

Remote functions
Interval , Output , Wind set

DMX input
XLR 3-pin male

DMX output
XLR 3-pin female

DMX mode

DMX Functions
Fan speed , Haze emission

Down , Enter , Mode , Up

4-digit LED display

Operating voltage
230 V AC / 50-60 Hz

F5AL / 250 V

Power consumption
620 W

Power connector
CEE 7/7 , Fixed connection cable

Ambient temperature ( in operation )
5 – 40 °C

Relative Humidity
< 85 %, not condensing

Housing material

Cabinet colour
Black , grey

242 mm

187 mm

275 mm

Accessories (included)
4 rubber feet , Cable remote , canister

7,14 kg

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