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Yamaha DXS18XLF-D Dante 18” Active Subwoofer


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Thunderous low-end. The Yamaha DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer offers 1600W max power, 136dB SPL, and an extended low-end frequency response using the XTENDED LF mode that drops frequencies all the way down to 30Hz. These combine to deliver devastatingly powerful bass, with unparalleled articulation and clarity.

The DXS18XLF-D is the Dante-equipped ‘D’ version of the DXS18XLF, allowing for easy smart system integration with Yamaha consoles and other Dante devices via the Dante I/O. It’s robust construction makes it the perfect sub for live use; its durable Polyurea coating is extremely damage resistant, providing optimum protection against scratches, bumps and severe weather conditions.

D-XSUB Bass Processing For Low-End Management

Tailor your bass response. The Yamaha DXS18XLF-D Dante 18” Active Subwoofer features powerful D-XSUB processing that gives you the flexibility to control the low frequencies and total control over your bass. The subwoofer features different preset modes that change the frequency response and characteristics. The NORMAL mode gives you a well-balanced low-end frequency response, while BOOST will focus more on bass and provide a tighter low-end. The new XTENDED LF mode allows you to add even more thunderous bottom-end by dropping the low-end frequencies even further, a function unheard of from smaller cabinets. With this control over your sound, the DXS18XLF-D ensures your performances go exactly as planned.

Cardioid Mode & Crossover Switching

The newly developed cardioid mode allows you to direct your bass towards your audience. This special function decreases stage-side sound pressure while increasing the bottom-end output directed towards the audience. This provides a cleaner stage monitoring environment whilst giving the audience that much needed bass experience. Usually, controlling the output direction of a system’s low-end is difficult as the low frequencies can be omnidirectional. However, the Yamaha DXS18XLF-D has managed to make sure your audience feel those bass frequencies. The cardioid mode is ideal for setups consisting of 2 or more DXS subwoofers. The DXS18XLF-D subwoofer also features crossover switching which allows you to match DXS subwoofers with any of Yamaha’s full range powered speakers. Simply select the cutoff frequency that is best suited to the models.

Powerful & Clean Low-End

The Yamaha DXS18XLF-D Subwoofer features high-efficiency 1020W class D amplifiers that are capable of producing a maximum SPL of 136dB, all with exceptional clarity and accuracy. The custom designed transducer delivers a well-defined and powerful low-end. Another feature that keeps your bass sounding super clean is the band-pass enclosure which reduces unwanted vibrations and noise. The durable plywood enclosure combined with the band-pass enclosure allows the subwoofer to achieve a higher SPL and a much cleaner sound even at high output levels.

Compact, Portable & Rugged Design

The DXS18XLF-D is easily portable thanks to its compact and durable design. The rugged enclosure is coated in durable Polyurea with extremely high damage resistance that protects the cabinet from damage such as scratches, bumps or severe weather conditions, providing extended reliability and durability. Additionally, the DXS18XLF-D also features side handles for easy transportation. For added flexibility, the DXS18XLF-D features a dual pole socket that accommodates 35mm diameter speaker poles and M20 screws.


  • Dante-equipped ‘D’ version allows for smart system integration with Yamaha consoles and other Dante devices via the I/O
  • 18” powered subwoofer
  • High output power
  • DSP processor / LCD screen
  • D-XSUB processing delivers total management of the lower frequencies (NORMAL, BOOST, XTENDED LF modes)
  • XTENDED LF mode drops the low-end frequencies even further
  • Advanced FIR-X tuning
  • Selectable X-OVER (80Hz/100Hz/120Hz) for matching with other Yamaha speakers (crossover switching)
  • Cardioid function allows you to direct your bass towards your audience
  • Durable Polyurea coating with extremely high damage resistance to protect the cabinet from scratches, bumps or severe weather conditions
  • Dual pole socket that accommodates 35mm diameter speakers poles and M20 screws


  • Speaker Type: 18” powered subwoofer, band-pass type
  • Frequency Range (-10dB): 32Hz – 120Hz
  • LF Driver: 18” cone, 4” voice coil
  • Output Power: 1020W (dynamic), 800W (continuous)
  • Maximum Output Level: 136dB SPL
  • I/O Connectors: 2 x XLR3-31 input, 2 x XLR-3-32 (through or HPF post)
  • Processors: D-XSUB: BOOST, XTD LF, NORMAL
  • Cooling: Natural convection
  • Power Consumption: 100W
  • Pole Socket: 35mm (depth 80mm)& M20 (threaded depth 25mm)
  • Dimensions: 563 x 683 x 721mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 49.7kg

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