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Yamaha Stagepas 1K MK2 Column PA System


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The new and improved Stagepas 1K model provides top-of-the-range Class D amplification, for a lightweight and portable yet efficient and powerful unit. It gives an incredible output power of 1100 watts, and a maximum sound output of 125 dB SPL for huge venue-filling sound. Ideal for conferences, live music, touring DJs, and outdoor performances, the Stagepas 1K MK2 is built for travelling professionals.

Comprehensive control

The Stagepas 1K MK2 includes remote control via an application for smartphones and tablets, so you can connect via Bluetooth and control parameters, adjust the one-knob EQ, a unique and customisable four-band parametric EQ, volume, and the Priority Ducker feature. This app also includes a recall function for storing and loading settings for individual songs, or alternative applications.

Flexible sound customisation

This revised Stagepas PA system also includes a wide range of sound shaping possibilities for creating a well-rounded and balanced live mix. Versatile inputs on the five-channel mixer, with one-knob EQ, and a reverb taken from Yamaha’s beloved SPX effects units let you add character and space to your sounds. Priority Ducking will dim the volume of a channel when inputs from another source are noticed. Finally, master output compression with custom speech, music, and DJ modes will add punch and consistency to your mix.


  • Portable and professional column PA system ideal for travelling entertainers, DJs, bands, and public speakers
  • 12-inch subwoofer with high-frequency array of compact 1.5-inch speakers
  • Efficient Class D amplification with 1100 W output power
  • Maximum sound output level of 125 dB SPL for punchy room-filling sound
  • Remote control via Yamaha STAGEPAS Controller app over Bluetooth compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • STAGEPAS Controller offers control over EQ, volume, and ducking, even during performance
  • App includes scene storage and recall for loading mixes for individual tracks
  • Additional four-band parametric EQ control from STAGEPAS Controller app
  • On-board five-channel mixer for adjusting and blending inputs
  • One-knob EQ applies pre-built adjustable EQ curves
  • Built-in reverb effect taken from Yamaha SPX effects units
  • Priority Ducking feature dims sound when inputs from other channels are detected
  • Master output compression with speech, music and DJ modes to add punch to your sounds
  • Included fitted cover for protection and easy transportation with accessory pouches


  • Low Frequency Driver: 12″ subwoofer
  • Speaker Array: 10 x 1.5″ drivers
  • Amplification: Class D
  • Output Power: 1100 W (LF: 500 W, HF: 600 W)
  • Sound Output Level: 125 dB SPL
  • Coverage: 170° H x 30° V
  • Built-in Mixer: 5 channel, digital
  • Effects: SPX Reverb, Priority Ducker, One-knob EQ
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 334 x 2000 x 418 mm
  • Weight: 23 kg (total), 20 kg (sub only)

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