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Yamaha DXS12 MKII Functional Speaker Cover


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Essential protection and practicality. With a Yamaha Functional Speaker Cover you can keep your DXS12 MKII safe with confidence. The rugged trilaminar fabric keeps your subwoofer safe from less-than-desirable weather when performing outdoors. It’s also the perfect solution for preventing dust and dirt from attaching itself to your speaker in storage. Plus, when you’re transporting your equipment, you can be sure that your DXS12 MKII is sheltered from accidental knocks and the rigors of the road.

Your DXS12 MKII can still be used to its maximum potential with the cover on. Mesh at the front of the cover allows you to make full use of your subwoofer whilst still protecting your equipment. This also helps with cooling for the amplifier, whilst the rear roof gives you uninhibited access to the rear panel. There are also handle-slits in the cover, ensuring that portability is not affected when the cover is installed. Additionally, a handy cable pocket lets you store and transport cables and other accessories directly within the cover.

The perfect formula for outstanding protection. Yamaha’s trilaminar construction consists of a polyester surface lining with a PVC-coated backside. Below this you’ll find a thick protective inner cushion. This gives you plenty of padding to keep your subwoofer safe from accidental knocks and bangs – a life-saver for any situation. Whether you’re performing outdoors, keeping your sub in storage, or transporting equipment on the road, Yamaha’s Function Speaker Cover is the perfect solution for keeping your DXS12 MKII safe.

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