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Pioneer DJ DM-40D-BT Bluetooth Monitor Speakers, Black


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The Pioneer DJ DM-40D-BT Bluetooth Monitor Speakers are perfect for music producers at home, as well as DJs, gamers and content creators, with built-in Bluetooth connectivity for wireless use. Utilising high-end components, the DM-40D-BT delivers incredible sound quality featuring a DSP-driven power amplifier and a two-way design for optimised sound quality. You can choose between ‘DJ’ or ‘Production’ mode and the speakers will automatically calibrate the amplifier for your chosen task. The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity makes the speakers perfect for wireless use, providing freedom from the restraints of cables.

Jam-packed with versatile connectivity, you can connect a plethora of equipment to your monitors, from DJ controllers, mixers or even your audio interface outputs and integrate the DM-40D-BT seamlessly into your studio. With RCA, Minijack and newly implemented TRS jack inputs, your setup will be up and running in no time. A front-mounted headphone port and volume dial mean you have everything you need at your fingertips without ever needing to reach the back of the unit for control over your sound. The sleek black finish means that no matter what the design of your studio, your monitors will blend seamlessly into your studio for a contemporary look.With 96kHz sampling, updated DECO convex diffusers and crystal clear and balanced sound, whether you’re looking to play DJ sets at home or produce your own music, the Pioneer DM-40D-BT Monitor Speakers are the ultimate choice.

Free yourself from cables

Building on the success of the DM-50D monitors, the newly introduced sibling the DM-40D-BT features onboard Bluetooth connectivity, so you can enjoy high-quality sound reproduction without the restrictions of cables. Not only is this useful for when you are at home, it also makes the speakers more portable; allowing you to take them anywhere and get set up within seconds. Utilising the latest Bluetooth technology, the DM-40D-BT delivers stellar sound quality and a highly stable wireless connection. Utilising the latest codecs, the DM-40D-BTs provide support for high-quality audio over Bluetooth.

Studio-quality sound for DJs and producers

Each DM-40D-BT speaker produces pure, balanced bass sound, thanks to a new Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP. Another advancement from the DM-40 model comes in the updated design of the DECO convex diffusers which help deliver crystal-clear high frequencies in every direction, so you can enjoy a wide sweet spot and 3D stereo sound wherever you are in the room.

When you need to turn up the volume, the new four-inch woofer creates extra power and it’s perfectly aligned with the tweeter so you’ll hear all sound frequencies clearly. The grooves on the ducts reduce air friction so that the bass is tight and punchy, even if you position the speakers against a wall. Plus, the curved front edges provide maximum rigidity and minimum resonance for clean audio at any volume level.

Optimised performance modes

Featuring a unique two-way switch control, the Pioneer DM-40D-BT can swap between DJ mode or Production modes and change the performance of the amplifier DSP to match your task. Now, you no longer need to use two sets of monitors or make a purchase dedicated to DJ work or studio production as the DM-40D-BT takes care of this for you. By flicking the switch, the DSP amplifier will alter the character and performance of your monitors for the style of production you are doing, letting you focus more on your creativity and mix rather than the performance of your speakers.

Versatile analog connectivity

It should come as no surprise that musicians and DJ’s require lots of connectivity options. With a plethora of gear being used in any one setup, it’s vital that your studio monitors offer the flexibility to connect your setup in the way it was intended and the DM-40-BT offers this in spades. With RCA, minijack and newly implemented TRS input connections, you can connect everything from DJ controllers, mixers or your audio interface outputs.

Simple and easy to use

Designed to make the difficult task of setting up studios or mixing stations easier than ever, the DM-40D-BT features front-mounted controls comprised of volume level and headphone output. You’ll never need to reach around the back to plug in your headphones for those late evenings when you need to get your mix finished, simply plug in the front and control the volume from the front control dial and get to work.

Contemporary and slick design

Unapologetically stripped back to include only the essentials, the look of the Pioneer DM-40D-BT Active Monitor Speakers will fit any modern home and style of decoration. The minimalist black finish blends into any environment, declaring focus on the immaculate sound quality over flashy design choices.


  • 4-inch monitor speakers with Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Advanced design with Class-D power amp for high-quality sound
  • Two-way sound design for DJ’s and Producers
  • Versatile performance with a wide range of inputs including TRS, RCA and Mini jack
  • Simple and easy to use with front panel control layout
  • Sleek design to integrate into any setup
  • Front-facing headphone output to monitor back in silence
  • Robust MDF enclosure minimises vibrations and resonances
  • Bass Reflex design for ultimate low-end performance


  • Type of speaker: Two-way bass reflex, active monitor
  • Amplifier:
    • Type: Class D with DSP
    • Output: 25w at 4 Ohms
    • Input connections: 1/4 TRS jack, stereo RCA, 3.5mm jack
    • Input impedance: 10k Ohm
    • Output connections: 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Speaker:
    • Enclosure: Bass reflex
    • Enclosure material: MDF vinyl laminate
    • Woofer (LF driver): 4-inch fibreglass cone
    • Tweeter (HF drive): 3/4-inch soft dome
  • Power:
    • Supported voltage: AC 110v – 240v, 40Hz/60Hz
    • Power consumption: 25w
  • Dimensions:
    • Lch: 146 mm x 223 mm x 227 mm
    • Rch: 146 mm x 210 mm x 227 mm
  • Weight:
    • Lch: 2.7 kg
    • Rch: 2.2 kg
    • What’s included: Power cord, Audio converter (3.5mm stereo jack to RCA), speaker cord, quickstart guide, warranty

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