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Showgear Safety Cable 4 mm, with Safety Ring WLL: 80 kg – 50 cm – silver


  • 4 mm thick safety cable
  • 50 cm long
  • Max WLL: 80 kg
  • Silver
  • Not certified

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The Showgear Safety 4 mm is a 50 cm long silver emergency cable and secondary safety device for flying equipment with a total weight of up to 80 kg. This cable is not certified.

This safety cable can be used as a secondary safety device when placing gear in elevated position, such as a parcan, speaker, moving head, mirror ball, bracket, projector or flatscreen monitor. Since this cable is not certified, it is not allowed to use it above people or crowd.

Make sure that static equipment cannot fall more than 20 cm or, in case of moving equipment, no more than 5 cm, to prevent the impulse force from becoming too high.

Please note that safety cables are intended to secure your gear and not to be used for hoisting/lifting equipment. You can use our extensive rigging range to select the right product for this.

Mechanical Specifications
Length (mm):  500 mm
WLL (kg):  40 kg
Colour:  Silver
Cable Diameter:  4 mm

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