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Humpter® MOVE WD

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of real, natural wood. It’s a material we’ve always wanted to experiment with in the workshop. Combining understated matte black metal fittings with hand-finished wood elements, we created the Humpter MOVE WD – a product made unique by mother nature herself. The individual structure of wood grains can’t be copied, therefore no piece is like the other.

Eyes on the prize
The rising popularity of performance DJ competitions is close to legitimizing turntables as a true musical instrument – especially in skilled hands. More and more, the crowd wants to see what the DJ is doing, and the MOVE WD is here to put it all on display. Except the cables, of course – you can make these disappear just like on all Humpter® products. The tabletop offers plenty of space for even the largest DJ controllers – or a full 2-turntable setup with a 4-channel mixer.

Back to the roots
The MOVE WD is based on our very first product, which also gave Humpter® its name. The iconic arched shape resembling a camel’s back returns – remixed and refined by years of experience, and serving as the foundation for the entire MOVE series. The aluminium frame of the MOVE WD maintains stability, but reduces the overall weight for convenient transportation. The plywood tabletop has a special, scratch-resistant coating with one opening for easy cable management. The front and side panels undergo special manual treatment to further expose the detail in the grain and, combined with the metal frame, produce a classic look with timeless character.

Not a pushover
A very light and durable frame, uniquely designed hinges, a wooden housing and four adjustable legs ensure that the table has a low center of gravity and won’t accidentally turn over. The precisely mounted tabletop also improves its stability. Loud speakers or scratching won’t make your records skip.

Mobility redefined
We love to party – but after it’s done, we also love to get packing quickly. How about a 20-second teardown for your entire console? We’ve clocked it – although it wasn’t much of a challenge, with no tools required and only 2 moves total. The MOVE WD folds up into a nice, portable, flat package, easily fitting into its padded transport bag. Travelling with a DJ console has never been this convenient!


Materials: Aluminum (frame) / Wood (housing and table top)

Dimensions: 120 x 93 x 66 cm (W x H x D)

Weight: 25 kg

Assembly time: 20 Seconds

Table top:

Material: Wood + Thermoset plastic

Dimensions: 120 x 66 cm

Height: 93 cm (+1.5 cm of adjustment)

Load: 70 kg


Humpter® MOVE WD table

Headphone holder

Additional options:

Under Counter Shelf (2 pieces can be installed simultaneously)

Padded Carry Bag

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