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Humpter Console Pro Booth MK2 White


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Looking for the ultimate DJ Booth look no further than the Humpter Pro Console a DJ booth style stand that is very unique in styling and design. The Humpter Pro needs no tools to erect and is put together in a matter of 5 minutes, simply and with ease. The booth comprises of 5 parts that all fit together to give very impressive looking stand, that is super stable. One of the great things about the Humpter is there is loads of accessories to customise the look and size, be sure to check out all the accessories we have on our web site.


Here at the Humpter® office, we call this “the ultimate DJ stand” – our flagship product with a unique design using high-end materials, offering amazing stability despite its relatively low weight. The entire set contains 5 parts which are easily assembled, all without a single additional tool.

The construction is modular and allows for easy expansion – it’s possible to connect virtually any number of these consoles to match your space requirements and use the PRO 60 PLUS attachment if angled sides are what you want. There are also additional shelves and flexible laptop holders which can be positioned freely along the frame, as well as a standard VESA TV mount to replace the front-facing panel.


  • Coated aluminium/steel*
  • Colours: Grey/Black/White matte
  • Size: (WxHxD) 148 x 127 x 96 cm
  • Weight: 30 kg


  • Coated steel
  • Retractable headphone holder
  • Retractable cup holder
  • Working-space 65 x 148 cm
  • Height: 93 cm
  • Maximum load: 70 kg


  •  Humpter® Console PRO MK2
  • Cupholder
  • Headphones Holder


  • Customization**
  • PRO60 Expansion Pack (additional side modules for Console PRO)
  • PRO Laptop Stand
  • PRO Laptop Stand 2
  • PRO Padded Bags (reinforced covers for all parts)
  • PRO Side Shelves (for monitors or moving heads)
  • PRO Shelf PAD-01 (For small controller or tablet)
  • PRO Shelf PAD-02 (For monitor or moving head)
  • PRO Lower Front Plate
  • PRO Led Lighting (RGB LED lighting System with DMX controller)
  • PRO TV Mount Kit (up to 70″)

*Specially prepared aluminum alloy, subjected to many treatments improving its properties.

**Personalization includes choosing the product color and placing individual graphics on it.

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