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Gravity MA TH 01 B Tablet Holder with VARI®-ARM


  • Innovative tablet holder
  • Continuously adjustable tablet clamping range
  • Central locking mechanism for all joints via one set screw
  • Toothed lock washer of the central joint made of stainless steel
  • Solid clamp with wide clamping range from 15 – 35 mm
  • For musicians, DJs, solo entertainers, producers, podcasters, and more

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Tablets are extremely versatile tools and are not only useful for business and private applications, but also in the studio and on the live stage. Despite their practicality – with their countless apps designed for musicians, DJs, podcasters, and producers – it has always been a challenge to position a tablet effectively, just the way you want it and without hassle.

The Gravity® MA TH 01 B Tablet Holder with VARI®-ARM makes it possible. Its continuously variable clamps hold tablets of any size firmly in place, while the VARI®-ARM allows the tablet to be freely positioned. Once all joints are tightened using the single central setscrew, the entire VARI®-ARM is locked in place and your tablet remains in the position you originally set. Thanks to the solid mounting bracket with its wide clamping range (15-35 mm), the MA TH 01 B can also be mounted to a wide variety of stands, tabletops and other objects – and then quickly removed again.

Your tablet won’t slip out of position anymore with the Gravity® MA TH 01 B Tablet Holder – whether you’re sitting at your desk recording a podcast, singing in the studio, reading your music scores on stage, or just lying comfortably on the couch watching your favourite show.


Product type:  Microphone Accessories
Type:  Tablet holder
Material Vari-Arm:  Steel
Material tablet holder:  Plastic
Color:  Black
Mounting:  Microphone Stand, Tabletop
Clamping Range Tablet Holder:  150 – 295 mm
Fits tube diameters:  15 – 35 mm
Interchangeable rings:  1 x 25 mm, 2 x 15 mm
Black ring pack included:  Yes
Weight:  0,662 kg

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