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Gravity SP 3102 Studio Monitor Speaker Stand


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A mix’s sound and feel is heavily influenced by having your monitors placed in the proper position. In a home studio, however, where space is at a premium, it’s not always possible to put your studio monitors right next to a table using suitable stands. The Gravity SP 3102 is the solution to this problem. The flexible, powder-coated steel stand squeezes onto pretty much any desk. The edge of the solid base is only 25 cm in length. Monitor boxes weighing up to 25 kg can be flexibly positioned at the height you want, and EVA padding and tilting protection make it possible to vertically angle them by up to 15° and horizontally rotate them 360°, meaning you can always find the perfect position for your studio monitors. The colourful G-rings make a clear design statement and can be swapped out in mere seconds. An additional black ring set is also supplied with the product.

Product type
Stands and Tripods

Speaker Stands

Tubing material

Tubing colour

Tubing surface

Min height
263 mm

Max height
358 mm

Tilt angle
+/- 15 °

Bearing surface
240 x 250 mm , EVA padded

Height adjustment
Adjusting screw

Base material

Base edge length
250 mm

Max. load
25 kg

Interchangeable rings
1 x 20 mm , 1 x 30 mm

Black ring pack included

4,1 kg

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