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Kanto SP9 Desktop Speaker Stands


Kanto SP9 Desktop Speaker Stands 9 Inch

The SP9 desktop stands let you place your speakers at ear level, so you can hear every frequency clearly, and with a rotating top plate, point the speakers towards you to enjoy your music more. The heavy duty steel stands reduce vibrations and unwanted resonances, resulting in a clearer, more focused sound from your speakers.

For the best stability from the stands, and to dampen any vibrations, the desktop speaker stands use closed cell foam padding to absorb resonance. The SP9 stands use an easy cable management system, by routing the cables through the hollow steel column, so your cables are out of sight.

The SP9 stands are ideally designed for the Kanto YU2, YU4 or YU6 powered desktop speakers, and contain a screw hole mount to secure the speakers. Included are two sizes of top plates, so you can be sure your speakers are stable and secure on the stands. The nine inch speaker stands raise the speakers to the perfect height when sitting at your desk.

Kanto SP9 Speaker Stands features

  • Place the speakers at the perfect listening height
  • Rotating top plate ensures directed sound
  • Cable management system 
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Two top plate sizes included for smaller or larger footprint speakers
Product Specifications
Base Dimensions (W x D)110 x 180mm
Top Plate Dimensions 3 inch driver (W x D)80 x 120mm
Top Plate Dimensions 4 inch driver (W x D)110 x 180mm
Weight Capacity30lbs
Overall Height210mm

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