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Roland AIRA TR-08


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Key Features

  • Rebirth Of The Legendary TR-808 Drum Machine
  • Authentic Recreation With Scaled Down Identical Interface
  • Everything the Previous 808 Could do, Plus Added Modern Features
  • Rugged Construction With Durable Metal Front Panel
  • Immense Connectivity Options for use With Hardware & Software

Rebirth Of A Legend

The TR-08 is based on the revered TR-808 drum machine, which was first released in 1980 and discontinued in 1983. Up until now, acquiring a true Roland TR-808 would have cost you rather a large sum of money, however the TR-08 changes everything. This incredibly powerful drum machine delivers an incredibly precise replica of the original instrument. Featuring all of the same astounding sonic characteristics and quirks of the original, the TR-08 packs an identical reproduction of the 808’s interface with complete authenticity into a scaled-down format. Don’t let the compact size deceive you though, the Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer features everything the TR-808 could do, and more. Take control of the authentic knobs, buttons, and switches, and unleash the power one of the most distinctive and unique drum machines in the history of music.

Proprietary Analog Circuit Behavior

Roland’s innovative ACB technology enables the TR-08 to perfectly recreate the sound of the original drum machine by being able to accurately model each analog circuit, right down to the component level. That means that not only does the TR-08 look authentic, but the sound and response of this intuitive, modern reproduction is identical to that of its bigger brother. ACB technology faithfully captures the sound and feel of Roland’s classic instruments using the original design specifications. A detailed, part-by-part analysis of the original machines enables Roland to recreate the circuits perfectly to deliver the same incredible sonic characteristics that made the originals great, but in a modern and intelligent format.

Versatile Connection of External Gear

The Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer is designed to provide simple yet powerful connectivity with its range of multi-purpose outputs. The outputs include a main stereo mini-jack output which can be configured to send the selected instrument to the right channel, while the other instrument’s output can be sent to the left. The USB and MIDI ports allow for syncing and controlling other gear as well as connection with your DAW. Mix input and trigger output can also be reconfigured to route external audio and even drive vintage analog synths, enabling you to harness a broader scope of audio possibilities whilst working with your TR-08.


  • Authentic recreation of the drum machine that shaped so many musical styles: The Roland TR-808
  • Genuine sonic characteristics, response, and feel of the original
  • Replicated user interface that is true to the TR-808’s pioneering style
  • Interface design ensures true hands-on control
  • Added features for certain instruments, including a Compressor, Pan, Tune control, and Gain control
  • 16-step sequencer provides astonishingly detailed pattern programming with 16 sub-steps to provide plenty of options for creative sequencing
  • Classic Step and Tap write modes give you plenty of choice and control over your drum sequences
  • Vibrant LED display ensures simplistic navigation and precise tempo/shuffle control
  • High-quality, rugged construction with a durable and rigid front panel made from metal
  • USB audio signals can be split into 10 separate outputs
  • Beats can be played whilst switching between the different write modes
  • Control external instruments using a versatile dedicated trigger output


User Memory

  • Pattern, Intro/Fill-In: 16 Bank (12 x 16 Pattern, 4 x 16 Intro/Fill-In)

Sequencer Steps

  • Steps: 16 Steps with 16 Sub-Steps


  • BD: Bass Drum
  • SD: Snare Drum
  • LC: Low Conga
  • MC: Mid Conga
  • HC: Hi Conga
  • LT: Low Tom
  • MT: Mid Tom
  • HT: Hi Tom
  • CL: Claves
  • RS: Rim Shot
  • MA: Maracas
  • CP: Hand Clap
  • CB: Cow Bell
  • CY: Cymbal
  • OH: Open Hi-Hat
  • CH: Closed Hi-Hat


  • Volume Knob
  • Start/Stop Button
  • Tempo Knob
  • Bank/Tempo/Shuffle Button
  • Fine/Value Knob
  • Mode Selection Knob
    • Pattern Clear
    • Pattern Write 1st Part/2nd Part
    • Manual Play
    • Rhythm Track Play
    • Compose
  • Instrument/Track Selection Knob
  • Clear Button
  • Basic Variation Selector Switch & Indicator
  • Auto Fill-In Selector Knob
  • Trigger Out Track Select Button
  • Accent Level Knob
  • Instrument Level Knob (All Instruments)
  • Tone Control Knob (BD, SD, CY)
  • Decay Control Knob (BC, CY, OH)
  • Snappy Control Knob (SD)
  • Tuning Control Knob (LC/LT, MC/MT, HC/HT)
  • Voice Selector Switch (LC/LT, MC/MT, HC/HT, CL/RS, MA/CP)
  • Pre-Scale Selector Switch
  • Step Button (1-16) & Indicator
  • I/F Variation Switch
  • Tap Button
  • Menu/Sub-Step Button
  • 1st Part/2nd Part Indicator
  • Power Switch


  • Compression


  • 7 Segments, 4 Characters (LED)


  • Trigger Out: Mono Mini-Jack
  • Headphones: Stereo Mini-Jack
  • Output: Stereo Mini-Jack
  • Mix In: Stereo Mini-Jack
  • USB: Micro-B Type (Audio, MIDI)


  • Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery (AA, HR6) x 4 (Approx. 6 hours life under continuous use, dependent on battery specifications, capacity, and conditions of use)
  • Alkaline Batters (AA, LR6) x 4
  • USB Bus Power (500mA Current Draw)


  • Dimensions: 308mm (W) x 130mm (D) x 51mm (H) / 12.125” (W) x 5.125” (D) x 2.0625” (H)
  • Weight: 1.3kg / 2lbs 14oz. (Including batteries & Boutique Dock)
  • Accessories:
    • Boutique Dock (DK-01, Black)
    • Owner’s Manual
    • DK-01 Owner’s Manual
    • “Using The Unit Safely” Leaflet
    • 4 x Alkaline Battery (AA, LR6)

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