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Angekis ACCUSCAN, temperature sensor tablet


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Temperature checking solution with AI and facial recognition.


10.1 inch 800 x 1280 screen, German temperature sensor, +-0.2 degrees accuracy, fast speed, no
contact, abnormal temperature alarm, accurate face recognition, offline facila database of 20,000,
multispectral live anti-counterfeiting technology, IC card, suppied with wall mount. Optional Desk,
Gate, and floor mounts available.

AccuScan can operate as a single standalone device or as part of a larger networked system. Optional management software allows up to 1,000 devices to be controlled & monitored centrally.

Accurate temperature sensors to +/- 0.2 Celsius both indoor and outdoors (with appropriate weather-proofing).

Supplied with a wall mount. Optional gate, desk and floor mounts are available.

Supports facial recognition, identity verification IC and ID card move, with anti-trailing, black and white listing and early warning function for illegal access.

Records temperature and detects face within 0.5 seconds and processes up to 30 people per minute.

Eliminate human interaction when combined with a building access or gate system. AccuScan can automatically control entry and non-entry of personnel.

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