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AM Clean Sound Anti Static Record Mat


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Optimise your turntable’s sound quality. The AM Clean Sound Anti Static Record Mat is a premium-grade vinyl mat designed for use with analog turntables.

Constructed from carbon filaments, the record mat helps to improve audio quality and silence background noise. The result is improved imaging and tonal accuracy with a wide soundstage. The carbon filament design helps to reduce friction and static build-up.

The robust and sleek design will fit on most styles of analog turntables. Re-vitalise your vinyl collection and improve your overall sound with the AM Clean Sound Anti Static Record Mat.


  • Silence background noise and improve your audio quality
  • Designed for use with analog turntables
  • Constructed from carbon filaments which reduce friction and static build-up.
  • Reigns in stray vibrations for a cleaner and more concise sound
  • Open up the sound spectrum of your vinyl collection
  • Results in less slippage
  • Instruments and performers are sharply defined and delineated from each other


  • Disc: Carbon fibre felt
  • Height: 3mm
  • Diameter: 310mm
  • Weight: 15g

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