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Numark CS-1 Professional DJ Cartridge


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The Numark CS1 is an SME compatible professional standard DJ cartridge. The CS1 is a phono cartridge specifically for DJing, with a curved finger lift and a low profile, streamlined design. Equipped with a spherical precision cut diamond stylus that tracks the groove of your record exceptionally. The spherical shape provides an accurate and detailed pickup, it protects your records from damage and the stylus is skip resistant which is great for back-cueing and scratching. This cartridge is tailored to DJs. It’s a moving magnet cartridge with a replaceable stylus, making it a maintainable and high-quality accessory.

Creating a rich and colourful musical picture is CS1’s forte. Its sonic range is 20Hz to 20MHz and it produces a warm analog feel that accentuates the low and mid-range frequencies, perfect for any bass-heavy and dub-oriented tracks. Crafted with care and designed for durability, the CS1 is built from a robust plastic outer shell, with premium inner connections and components. It is SME-compatible. The cartridge requires 3G of tracking force, features detailed channel separation and has a channel balance of 1.5dB. This cartridge is the Carl Cox signature edition. Carl is one of the most well-renowned DJs in the world, having earned his place as one of the greats in the 90s, playing extended sets in Ibiza. An ideal choice for any DJ to use at home, at a party or a packed-out club.


  • Robust built phono cartridge with streamlined design for DJing
  • Curved finger lift for easy and gentle application to the record
  • Precision cut spherical diamond stylus tracks grooves with exceptional accuracy
  • High quality channel separation and detailed sound picture
  • Warm analog feel that accentuates low and mid-range frequencies
  • Moving magnet design with replaceable stylus for high quality and easy maintenance
  • Compact and sturdy nature ideal for DJs on the move
  • Endorsed by legendary DJ Carl Cox


  • Frequency response: 20 to 22,000Hz
  • Output: 6mV
  • Channel separation nominal: 32dB
  • DC resistance: 430 ohms/ch
  • Inductance: 400mH/ch
  • Channel balance: within 1.5dB
  • Tracking force: 3
  • Recommended load: 47K ohms 200pf
  • Stylus tip: Fine circular diamond
  • Weight: 18.0g

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