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Technics SL-1200 MK7 Silver Turntable


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The Technics SL-1200MK7 features a coreless direct-drive motor for stable rotation that we’re promised is free from cogging and possesses the powerful torque we’ve come to expect from the brand. Also included is the ubiquitous S-shaped tonearm.

  • Coreless direct drive motor achieving stable rotation with high torque and freedom from cogging
  • Highly sensitive, yet robust tonearm accurately reads the signal stored in the record groove
  • Two-layer platter construction with improved vibration damping performance
  • High rigidity cabinet and high damping insulator footings for thorough elimination of acoustical and mechanical vibrations
  • Starting torque/brake speed adjustment function
  • Pitch control function enables accurate and stable adjustment
  • Reverse play function expands the flexibility of DJ styles
  • Stylus illuminator featuring a high-brightness and long-life LED

The SL-1200MK7-S will be available in early summer 2021.

2 years after the return of the legendary Technics SL-1210 to the DJ market, the silver version badged as the SL-1200Mk7 has been released.
The SL-1200Mk7 has the same features and functions of the SL-1210Mk7 but in silver.

MK7 Motor

The SL1200Mk7 silver has a high torque, coreless direct drive motor with more stable rotation which means the pitch will hold and less likely to drift. This coreless motor is more reliable and is likey to fail than the original Mk2 motor as well as offering more torque. This extra strength from the motor can be switched on or off for those that prefer the feel of the older generation decks.

Braking speed on the SL-1200Mk7 can also be adjusted to suite your performance style. Pitch control can be set to 8% or 16% at the press of a button locatad above the pitch fader.

There is even a reverse play function which is with a combination of presses so as not to trigger it accidentally.


The S shaped tonearm uses high precision bearins to help accurately track every groove in the record while maintaining stability even when scratching. As with previous versions, the SL1200Mk7 tonearm can be adjusted to suit almost any catridge.

Combined with the dual dampened platter, chassis and the improved isolator feet, the SL-1200Mk7 provides great isolation from rogue pickups, perfect for all environments..

Other improvements

The classic ‘pop up’ cue lamp is still very much in place, however the lamp is now powered by an LED offering my greater reliability and a cooler white light.

Power and audio cables are now detachable, making it easy to replace or upgrade them. The power socket is not a recessed IEC and the RCA sockets are also recessed along with a ground terminal. This really helps keep your setup nice and tidy.

The colour of the power / strobe light as well as the button lights can easily be switched between blue and red using a dip switch located under the platter.

The SL-1200Mk7 also includes a Technics slipmat and a dustcover.

 Technics SL1200Mk7 Silver features:

  • New high torque coreless motor
  • Improved dampening
  • Adjustable motor torque
  • Adjustable brake speed
  • Reverse play
  • +/- 8% or 16% pitch range
  • Quartz lock swith
  • LED cue lamp
  • Switchable ble or red LED’s
  • Replaceable phono and power cables
  • Includes slipmat and dustcover

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