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AM Clean Sound Record Cleaner 200ml


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Revitalise and maintain your vinyl record collection. The AM Clean Sound Record Cleaner 200ml is a non-abrasive cleaner designed for getting rid of dust, dirt and static build-up.

The Record Cleaner helps to maintain your vinyl collection and prolong the life of your records. The cleaner helps to reduce friction during playback, helping to extend the longevity. It can clean even the dirtiest of vinyl, helping to bring forgotten records back to life. Simply apply the cleaner to your lint-free cotton cloth (included) to avoid leaving a residue.

The result is static-free playback which helps to prolong the life of your vinyl records as well as your turntable stylus. It can also be used with cassettes for added versatility.


  • Safe and effective solution for freshening up your vinyl record collection
  • Eliminates dust, dirt and static build-up
  • Cleans even the dirtiest vinyl, helping to revitalise old records
  • Improve the lifespan of your record collection by cleaning them regularly
  • Results in drastic improvement to sound quality
  • Reduces friction during playback, helping to optimise the lifespan of your stylus
  • Comes complete with lint-free cotton cloth
  • 200ml non-abrasive and residue-free vinyl cleaning fluid
  • Can clean up to 1000 record sides


  • Contains: 200ml
  • Liquid: Water based and non-flammable
  • Weight: 249 grams
  • Height (bottle with lid): 150mm
  • Diameter (bottle with lid): 58mm
  • Cloth Material: Lint-free 100 percent cotton
  • Cloth Dimensions: 240 x 160mm
  • Bottle Material: PET
  • Atomiser Material: PE
  • Lid Material: PE

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