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AM Clean Sound Record Cleaner Set


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Record maintenance is important. Thanks to the AM Clean Sound Record Cleaner Set this job has never been easier. It contains everything you need to keep your records looking and sounding their best. It includes 45ml of record cleaner fluid, a vinyl brush, stylus cleaner, and lint-free cotton cloth. It removes dust and grit and reduces the wear from the stylus. It’s the essential kit for cleaning your precious records.

Essential cleaning tools

Cleaning your records is just a part of life. Keep them clean, keep them forever. This excellent kit from AM Clean Sound makes it easier than ever. It lifts grime, dust, and other particles that can wear your records down. There is a stylus cleaner that cleans the needle and prevents yet more wear. The cleaning kit reduces friction during playback which hugely benefits the longevity of your records.


  • Contains 45ml Record cleaner fluid, lint-free Stylus cleaner and lint free cotton cloth
  • Effectively removes dust, grit and particles
  • Reduces stylus and record wear


  • Record cleaner bottle: 45ml efficient and gentle vinyl record cleaning fluid
  • Record brush: Antistatic conductive brush made from ultra fine carbon fibre
  • Stylus cleaner: Non-flammable fluid for wet cleaning of the pick-up
  • Record cloths: Anti-static and made from cotton

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