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AM Clean Sound Stylus Cleaner


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Keep your records sounding great and prevent damage. The AM Clean Sound Stylus Cleaner eliminates static build from your record players stylus. It features a tube of cleaning fluid and the gentle brush extends the life of your vinyl by keeping your stylus from grime, dust, and dirt.

Simple stylus cleaning

Use this incredibly simple stylus brush to keep your needle sounding as fresh as the day you installed it. Extend the life of your vinyl by preventing scratches and wearing from your stylus. Simply apply the stylus cleaning solution with the brush to maintain your stylus for years to come.


  • 20ml non-abrasive stylus cleaning solution and brush applicator
  • Effectively removes dust, grit and particles worn from stylus tip
  • Reduces stylus and record wear


  • Contains: 20ml
  • Liquid: Water based pick-up cleaning solution
  • Height: 100mm
  • Width: 19mm
  • Bottle material: PET
  • Lid material: PE Brush material

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