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Roland V-1HD Plus HD Video Switcher


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The supreme A/V switcher. The Roland V-1HD Plus HD Video Switcher offers top of the range functionality with the pristine audio-visual quality you expect from Roland. With a remarkably user-friendly interface that also allows deep control with essential monitoring tools, you’ll find it easy to consistently keep your content looking great and sounding flawless. Many similar units require additional pieces of equipment to achieve the unrivalled performance of the V-1HD+. Peerless video switching with a 14-channel audio mixer suddenly allows a single operator to simultaneously curate perfect sound and video, even including onboard effects to embellish any mix. This really is the ultimate solution for all your A/V switching needs.

Superb functionality

Top of the range. The V-1HD+ offers the best functionality on the market currently. While many video switchers promise ease of use, they often require workarounds for optimum results. With its feature-rich design, the V-1HD+ provides the key tools you need to achieve audio-visual perfection, including PGM and PST busses and a transition/fade bar, which are the most-recognized video switching controls in the industry—and the quickest for beginners to learn. And with easily-manoeuvrable audio volume knobs, signal/peak lights, and unity gain markers, it’s simple and intuitive to adjust sound levels on the fly.

No-Compromise Video I/O

No more compromises. With its full-featured video I/O, the V-1HD+ is inspired by your need to do more: Four HDMI inputs with frame rate conversion let you mix a variety of sources, including cameras, computers, tablets, and video game consoles. Also, if you have a troublesome source that won’t display correctly, simply plug it into Input 4 and let the built-in video scaler sync and calibrate the image automatically. Two independent HDMI outputs can be assigned to display one of three different video busses, providing the versatility you need for more professional production. Versatility is key and the V-1HD+ provides a myriad of connection options to suit any setup.

14-Channel Audio Mixing with Effects

The V-1HD+ allows you to do more than switch video, it offers professional sound mixing too. The integrated 14-channel digital audio mixer blends HDMI audio with mic and line sources for complete control, and also offers a variety of onboard effects to perk up lifeless mixes. With two XLR mic inputs and selectable phantom power, the V-1HD+ lets you bring top tier microphones into your productions, including condenser mics. There’s also an 1/8-inch input for a lavalier mic or stereo audio source like a smartphone. The V-1HD+ removes the need dedicated small audio console. Leave your outboard gear in the studio; each audio input on the V-1HD+ has dedicated three-band equalizer, high-pass filter, compressor, and noise gate, plus a sync delay to align audio with video if needed. The XLR and 1/8-inch inputs also include de-essers to clean up vocal sounds in real time. So with the limiter, three-band equalizer and compressor on the main outputs, you can easily deliver broadcast-quality sound without fail.


  • Audio effects: Delay, High pass filter, De-Esser, Compressor, Noise gate, Equalizer, Limiter, Reverb, Test tone output
  • Power supply: AC Adapter
  • Current draw: 2.1 A
  • Power consumption: 25.2 W
  • Dimensions: 316 (W) x 121 (D) x 65 (H) mm
  • Weight: 1.4kg

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