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Denon DJ SC Live 4 Standalone DJ Controller


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The Denon DJ SC Live 4 Standalone DJ Controller is an all-in-one system for beginner and professional DJs. Featuring a 7-inch touchscreen, 4 mixer channels, Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in speakers, the SC Live 4 is equipped for high performance. Set the vibe on the dancefloor with ease, you can connect your controller to Amazon Music Unlimited and other streaming platforms.

Powered by Engine DJ standalone OS, the SC Live 4 offers a streamlined and hassle-free music search and library upload. The Engine DJ system allows users to import libraries from other DJ software with ease. The Amazon Music Unlimited integration allows you access to over 90 million songs.

Equipped with all the features you would expect on flagship Denon DJ media players and mixers, the SC Live 4 has all the components of a modular DJ setup condensed into one. The SC Live 4 has two jog wheels with deck switch, speed, looping and hot cue controls and a mixer section with 13 BPM FX and four sweep FX. Connect to any standard sound system with the RCA, XLR or jack outputs, or use the SC Live 4’s integrated speaker system.

Engine DJ 3.2 – a whole host of new functions and upgrades

Engine DJ 3.2 is here! With a variety of new functions, modes and enhancements; the new firmware update has something for everyone including Engine OS and Engine Desktop units. The newly introduced Day Mode offers a user interface that is optimized for daylight use. You can activate this feature through the Control Center by selecting the new Layout option. Another major enhancement is the Fuzzy Key Mixing, which allows for more flexible mixing by synchronizing songs to the closest compatible key, reducing the risk of significant pitch jumps when syncing multiple tracks. However, you can always revert to the traditional “Strict” mode via the hardware’s Settings menu.

The FX Select feature introduces a new effect selection menu for both Main and Touch FX, enabling quick and easy effect selection via the touchscreen. Please note, for PRIME 4 and PRIME 4+, this feature currently only applies to Touch FX, with the Main FX selection menu set to be added in future releases. The update also brings Flex Gate FX, a revamped gate effect with various types that sync to the track’s phase, replacing the Auto Gate effect. Additionally, Numark Engine DJ devices now have the option to switch between Isolate and Normal mixer EQ types.

This release also includes numerous stability enhancements and improvements. For Engine DJ Desktop users, the update has improved downbeat detection capabilities for greater accuracy in identifying a track’s first beat. To utilize this enhancement, tracks will need to be reanalysed in Engine DJ Desktop. Lastly, this version also brings various stability enhancements and improvements to provide a smoother user experience.

Practice and flex your DJ skills

An all-in-one, portable and compact party machine, the Denon DJ SC Live 4 is a useful tool for any DJ requiring a small, easily transportable controller they can use in a limited space. With a huge range of essential DJing functions and many innovative features that make mixing easier, the SC Live 4 is a user-friendly and accessible standalone DJ controller. This controller is suitable for use in a club or in a home setting.

Enhanced music library

Utilise unprecedented access to music online with access to Amazon Music Unlimited, Beatport, Soundcloud GO+ and other top streaming services through the device itself. The SC Live 4 is the first DJ controller to support Amazon Music Unlimited using a secure chipset to meet Amazon requirements for streaming, with this feature you can access over 90 million high-quality songs without having to download them prior to performing. You can stream any two tracks from Amazon Music Unlimited on the controller at the same time. The SC Live 4 runs on the versatile Engine DJ software with ultra-fast onboard song analysis, this allows you to import your existing DJ libraries from any major DJ software with the hot cues and other settings still in place.

Control the dancefloor

With four channels and standalone capability, the SC Live 4 gives you the ultimate platform for mixing. A 7-inch multi-gesture touchscreen display provides interactive and clear visual information that aids you to select and blend tracks perfectly. Denon developed the SC Live 4 to be as capable as their flagship media players and club-style mixers. The Jog wheel sections feature deck swapping, vinyl mode, and track searching buttons as well as BPM, sync and pitch controls. Also featured on the jog wheel sections are eight pads on each side and loop controls that allow you to hot cue, chop, loop and play your tunes dynamically.

Like Denon’s range of professional DJ mixers, the SC Live 4 mixer section is fitted with extensive controls you can utilise to master your mix. All Channels have a 3-band EQ and a dedicated Hi and Lo sweep FX that can be assigned to one of four effects on the left of the mixer and you can select from 13 creative BPM FX and assign them to any of the individual channels or the master output.

Home steady, club ready

Whether you’re at a house party or in a 200 capacity club room, the Denon DJ SC Live 4 can deliver your music to any sound system with balanced XLR and RCA master volume outputs and a left and right jack output for booth monitors. The SC Live 4 even has its own sound system in the form of two speakers on each side of the display screen that can be controlled by an on/off switch and a volume knob. It has numerous DMX and lighting controls that allow you to perform alongside a perfect light show. With a professional look and user-friendly functionality, the SC Live 4 is for beginners and pros alike.


  • The first DJ controller to support Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service with access to 90 million songs
  • Powered by Engine DJ Standalone operating system, making it easier to import and organise your DJ library
  • Club-style mixer layout with 4 channels with Sweep FX and 13 BPM FX that can be selected and assigned to any channel
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for music streaming, cloud access and Engine DJ OS updates
  • 7-inch HD multi-gesture touchscreen provides interactive visual information for your workflow
  • Onboard speakers with independent volume control can be used for personal monitoring or to provide sound for a small party
  • Digital media inputs on the back in the form of two USB ports, one SD card port and a USB Type B input.
  • Two jog wheel sections with BPM and pitch adjustment, loop controls and hot cue pads, and 6″ high-resolution jog wheels with central LCD
  • Master output with RCA and XLR and a booth output with balanced left and right ¼ inch jack make the SC Live 4 Compatible with most sound systems
  • Automatically sync & control DMX, Philips Hue, and Nanoleaf light fixtures for an incredible light show
  • Compact, lightweight and portable controller design is great for DJs on the move


  • Audio
    • Frequency Range: 20-20,000 Hz
    • Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz
    • D/A Converter: 24 bit
  • Physical Unit
    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 718 x 403 x 99 mm
    • Weight: 5.8 Kg
  • Compatibility
    • Software
      • Engine DJ OS
      • SoundSwitch
      • Virtual DJ
      • Serato DJ
    • Hardware
      • Denon DJ LC6000 Performance Expansion Controller
      • SoundSwitch Micro USB to DMX Interface
      • SoundSwitch Control One Professional Lighting Controller
    • Onboard Internet Services
      • Amazon Music Unlimited
      • Beatport
      • Beatsource
      • Dropbox
      • SoundCloud GO+
      • TIDAL
    • Whats included
      • Quick Start Guide
      • DC Power Supply
      • USB Cable
      • Display Cleaning Cloth
      • Safety & Warranty Manual

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