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LD Systems VIBZ 12 DC 12 Channel Mixing Console with DFX and Compressor


  • 12-channel mixer with 6 microphone channels
  • 4 stereo line inputs
  • Effective 3-band EQ
  • 2 stereo channels with 2-band EQ
  • Sliding adjustable compressor
  • Digital Effects Section with 100 Presets
  • Master, Monitor, Groups and headphone outputs
  • Built in power supply

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The VIBZ 12 is a versatile mixer with six balanced microphone inputs featuring high quality preamplifiers, a low-cut filter, an effective 3-band EQ with conveniently selected mids and switchable phantom power.

Four microphone channels can be processed separately using the built-in compressor for an effective control of dynamics; two more can alternatively be used as a stereo line channels. The other stereo channels are equipped with 2-band EQs.

The master section of the mixer includes two effects loops, balanced XLR outputs, group and monitor outputs and a headphone jack. The VIBZ 12 also has RCA connectors for recording and playback devices and a digital Digital Effects Section with 100 presets.

With key features such as the PFL function or the Mute buttons and its natural, transparent sound, the VIBZ 12 is the perfect choice for live performances, installations and demanding home recording applications.


Product type:  Mixers
Type:  Live
Channels:  12
Mono Channels:
Mono Mic and Line Input Channels:  4
Mono Mic input connectors:  6.3 mm TRS, XLR
Mono Mic Input Type:  Electronically balanced
Mono Mic Input Frequency Range:  10 – 45000 Hz
Amplification Range mono Mic Input:  0 – 50 dB
Mono Mic Input Input THD-N:  0.0058%
Mono Mic Input Impedance:  4k Ohm(s)
Mono Mic Input S/N Ratio:  113 dB
Mono Line Input Type:  Electronically balanced
Mono Line Input Frequency Range:  10 – 45000 Hz
Amplification Range mono Line Input:  0 – 50 dB
Mono Line Input Input THD-N:  0.0045 %
Mono Line Input Impedance:  21k Ohm(s)
Mono Line Input S/N Ratio:  116 dB
Mono Channel Equalizer High:  +/- 15 dB @ 12000 Hz
Mono Channel Equalizer Mid:  +/- 15 dB @ 2,500 Hz
Mono Channel Equalizer Low:  +/- 15 dB @ 80 Hz
Controls Mono Mic and Line Input Channels:  3-band EQ (High, Mid, Low), AUX 1 umschaltbar Pre/Post, AUX 2 (DFX) Post, Compressor, DFX/AUX 1, Gain, Low Cut (75 Hz), PFL
Phantom power:  48 V DC switchable
Stereo Channels:
Stereo Line Input Channels:  4
Stereo Line Input Connectors:  6.3 mm TRS, RCA
Stereo Line Input Type:  Electronically balanced, Unbalanced
Stereo Line Input Frequency Range:  10 – 45000 Hz
Amplification Range stereo Line Input:  0 – 50 dB
Stereo Line Input Input THD-N:  0.0045 %
Stereo Line Input Impedance:  3,7k Ohm(s)
Stereo Line Input S/N Ratio:  116 dB
Stereo channel equalizer treble:  +/- 15 dB @ 12000 Hz
Stereo channel equalizer mids:  +/- 15 dB @ 2500 Hz
Stereo channel equalizer bass:  +/- 15 dB @ 80 Hz
Controls Stereo Line Input Channels:  2-band EQ (High,Low), 3-band EQ (High, Mid, Low), AUX 1 umschaltbar Pre/Post, AUX 2 (DFX) Post, Balance, Channel Volume, DFX/AUX 1, Gain, Low Cut
Main Section:
AUX / Effects Send Channels:  2
AUX / Effects Send Connectors:  6.3 mm TRS
Stereo AUX Return Channels:  1 x stereo
Stereo AUX Return Connectors:  6.3 mm TRS
Stereo Tape Out Channel:  1 x stereo
Stereo Tape Out Connectors:  2 x RCA (Cinch)
Stereo Tape In Channel:  1 x stereo
Stereo Tape In Connenctors:  2 x RCA (Cinch)
Balanced Stereo Main Out:  1
Balanced Stereo Main Out Connectors:  XLR
Balanced Stereo Main Out Impedance:  120 Ohm(s)
Max. Balanced Stereo Main Out Level:  23 dBu
Stereo Control Room Out:  1
Stereo Control Room Out Connectors:  6.3 mm TRS
Headphones ouput:  1
Headphones outputs:  6.3 mm TRS
Digital Effects Processor:  Yes, 24-bit AD/DA Resolution
Number of Presets:  100
Footswitch Connector DFX Mute:  6.3 mm TRS
Main section controls:  2-track Assignment (Main, Contr. Room), 2-track In Volume, AUX 2 Send Volume, CTRL / Phones assignment (Main/Group 1-2), DFX Mute Schalter, DFX TO AUX Volume, DFX To Main Volume, Group 1-2 assignment to Main MIX, Group 1-2 Volume, Master Volume, PFL, Phantom Power, Power, presets, Stereo Return to AUX Volume, Stereo Return to MAIN Volume, Volume Control CTRL / Phones
Indicators:  DFX Peak, DFX TO MAIN, PFL, Phantom Power, Power
Operating voltage:  100 V AC – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Width:  350 mm
Height:  98 mm
Depth:  440 mm
Weight:  4,3 kg

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