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IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Desktop


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Create any synth your heart desires. That’s how good the IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Dekstop is. Comprised of an innovative dual-filter, three-oscillator paraphonic design, 256 presets, a 64-step sequencer as well as studio-grade effects and expanded connectivity. They’ll be absolutely nothing holding you back from realising your true sonic visions.

The Synth Pro sets the new standard for analog synthesis. You’ll be able to create a seemingly infinite number of sounds via the three analog oscillators. Should you desire, you can even use them in unison to create harmonically rich sounds. From mellow pads to soaring leads, it’ll feel like anything is possible.

Take your sound above and beyond recognition by embracing the meticulously detailed studio effects that are included in the Synth Pro. Spread out into three slots: modulation, delay and reverb, you’ll be free to route external signals such as guitars, vocals and drum machines through the synth with pre-effect filtering for total flexibility. You can rest assured knowing absolutely no-one will sound like you. Take advantage of the on-board sequencers and arpeggiators to help add a new lease of life to your sound when on stage or in the studio. Unleash your unlimited creative potential thanks to IK Multimedia and the Synth Pro!

Bring out your innovator

The Synth Pro provides you with the ability to hold over 250 user-editable presets. Thanks to its meticulous design, you’ll be able to store every last nuance of what makes your sounds unique, from the oscillators to the effects. Utilise the integrated 64-step sequencer for step and real-time recording, you can even set automation for up to 40 parameters. This is perfect for establishing detailed non-generic soundscapes. The on-board arpeggiator allows you to create intricate rhythms at the drop of a hat, it’s never been this easy or fun!

Versatile functions

Create the weird and wonderful. The Synth Pro comes complete with two full ADSR envelopes. You’ll find that one is committed to the filter, whilst the other is to the amplitude. This can be used to modulate absolutely anything, from pitch to waveshape, and LFO speed to other envelopes. Take advantage of the dual LFOs to emulate retro synth vibrato, wah and tremolo.

Filtering for you

The Synth Pro sees the addition of an all-new SSI 2/4-pole LP filter with self-oscillation. Incredibly versatile, the dual filters can be used either in series or in parallel with invertible phase for a grand total of 24 filter modes. Thanks to this you’ll be guaranteed nearly infinite tonal possibilities, whether you want to create the sounds of yesterday, or embrace the sounds of tomorrow. The choice is yours.

Made with care

Not only does the Synth Pro sound great to play. It feels it too! The synth comes complete with a durable 32 capacitive-key keybed. It also offers firm-touch rubber pads on the control sections so you can tweak with conviction! The handy LED-backlit indicators and display allow you to read and access all important information. This will prove particularly excellent in stage and studio applications.

Get connected

Thanks to the inclusion of two balanced stereo outputs and a single headphone out, you’ll be guaranteed the finest monitoring of your signal in each and every situation. Their noiseless design ensures you’ll be able to hear exactly what is being outputted from the Synth Pro, without compromise. The inclusion of USB power allows you to use the Synth Pro absolutely anywhere so you can make great music on the go!

What’s included?

  • UNO Synth Pro Desktop
  • 1x Micro USB to USB cable


  • Includes three discrete wave-morphing oscillators
  • Choose from PWM, sync, FM and ring modulation
  • Dual state variable filters offer 24 modes
  • Boasts original UNO Synth OTA filter
  • Make the most of the SSI-based filter with self-oscillation
  • Warp your sound via the 16-slot modulation matrix
  • Instant recall thanks to 256 user-editable presets
  • Add a new lease of lease of life to lead and rhythms via the 64-step sequencer and 10-mode arpeggiator


  • Size (W x D x H): 25 x 14 x 5 cm, 9.84 x 5.5 x 1.96 in.
  • Enclosure: Plastic
  • Weight: 700 g, 1.54 lb
  • Power: USB Power
  • Product Code: IP-UNO-SYNTHPRODT-IN

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