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Roland TB-03 Bass Line


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  • Realistic Recreation of the Iconic TB-303 Bass Line Synth
  • 24 Bit/96 KHz Stereo IN/OUT USB Audio Interface
  • Retains Sound, Character, and Interface of the Original TB-303
  • Highly Portable for Mobile Music Making
  • Compatible with Optional K-25m Keyboard Unit

Development of a Classic

The Roland Boutique TB-03 Bass Line, inspired by the iconic TB-303 Bass Line Synth, uses Roland’s advanced Analog Circuit Behavior to replicate the authentic sound and character of the original TB-303. The TB-03 provides efficient control options including a four-digit LED display for enhanced programming and rotary dials to give hands-on control over tuning, cutoff, resonance, envelop mod, decay, and accent. The original TB-303 featured pitch and time write modes, however the TB-03 goes a step further and interprets a new step-mode and fine tempo control to give you more convenient access to the controls that you need most.

Increased Versatility

The Roland Boutique TB-03 Bass Line also functions as a high-quality 24-bit/96 kHz audio interface to provide a simple and effective way of recording straight to your DAW. With a choice of USB or battery power, the TB-03 functions just as well on the road as in the studio. 4 x AA batteries provide the TB-03 with sufficient power, or alternatively you can connect to a USB power source to utilise USB bus power.

External Instrument Connection

The TB-03 includes MIDI IN/OUT ports along with USB, to allow control information to be sent between external instruments and devices. With the ability to use the CV/Gate output for connection and control of analogue gear and modular synths, the TB-03 makes an extremely versatile synth/ recording device. The level of control is also reversible, with the external gear having the ability to drive the TB-03s internal sequencer. The USB ports also features MIDI data connection between any PC or Mac when connected.


  • Realistic recreation of the iconic TB-303 Bass Line synth
  • Retains the sound, character, and user interface of the original TB-303
  • Hands-on control over expressive parameters, including cutoff, resonance, envelope mod, decay, and accent
  • New features not on the original TB-303, including four-digit LED display, overdrive and delay effects, MIDI, fine tempo control, and additional functions for pattern creation
  • Programmable via classic Pitch, Time, and Step write modes
  • Continue playing a sequence even while switching between write and play modes
  • CV/Gate outputs for controlling vintage analog gear and modular synthesizers
  • Dedicated trigger input to drive the internal sequencer
  • Highly portable for mobile music making
  • High-quality construction with metal front panel
  • Battery-operated (4 x AA) or USB powered
  • 24 bit/96 kHz stereo IN/OUT USB audio interface
  • Control information can be sent and received via MIDI and USB
  • Built-in powered mini-speaker for instant enjoyment
  • Compatible with optional K-25m Keyboard Unit


User Memory

  • Patterns: 96 (4 groups (I, II, III, IV) x 3 sections (A, B, C) x 8 patterns)
  • Tracks: 7


  • 2 (SAW, SQUARE)


  • VOLUME knob
  • TUNING knob
  • CUT OFF FREQ knob
  • RESONANCE knob
  • ENV MOD knob
  • DECAY knob
  • ACCENT knob
  • OVERDRIVE knob
  • DELAY TIME knob
  • WAVE FORM switch
  • TRACK PATT. GROUP selector
  • MODE selector
  • TEMPO button
  • VALUE knob
  • PATTERN CLEAR button
  • RUN/STOP button
  • PITCH MODE button
  • FUNCTION button
  • Keyboard buttons (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C)
  • TIME MODE button
  • ACCENT button
  • SLIDE button
  • BACK button
  • TAP button


  • OVERDRIVE (Overdrive/Distortion)
  • DELAY (Tape Echo/Digital Delay/Reverb)


  • 7 segments, 4 characters (LED)


  • TRIGGER IN jack: Mono miniature phone type
  • CV OUTPUT jack: Mono miniature phone type
  • GATE OUTPUT jack: Mono miniature phone type
  • PHONES jack: Stereo miniature phone type
  • OUTPUT jack: Stereo miniature phone type
  • MIX IN jack: Stereo miniature phone type
  • MIDI: IN, OUT connectors
  • USB port: Micro-B type (Audio, MIDI)

Power Supply

  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AA, HR6) x 4
  • Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 4
  • USB bus power

Current Draw

  • 500 mA (USB bus power)

Expected battery life under continuous use

  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery: Approx. 5 hours
  • * This can vary depending on the specifications of the batteries, capacity of the batteries, and the conditions of use.


  • 308 (W) x 130 (D) x 52 (H) mm
  • 12-1/8 (W) x 5-1/8 (D) x 2-1/16 (H) inches
  • Weight (including batteries, excluding Boutique Dock)
  • 940 g
  • 2 lbs 2 oz


  • Boutique Dock: DK-01 (Silver)
  • Owner’s Manual
  • DK-01 Owner’s Manual
  • Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 4

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