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Mixars Quattro 4 Channel Serato DJ Mixer


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Serato DJ Enabled

The mixer is Serato DJ enabled, meaning it communicates fully with Serato DJ. It has completely mapped out functions, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with the software. You can use the USB port to connect the mixer to your laptop. As this is Serato DJ and DVS enabled, the controls are mapped out already to fully work and communicate with the Serato DJ software, providing you with an effortless setup and DJing experience.

Professional Club Mixer With Added Functionality

The Mixars Quattro is a professional standard club mixer. It is ideal for your home setup as well. The Quattro mixer provides everything a professional DJ needs for a club mixer. It features the usual 3-band EQ, plus 4 high quality built-in effects including crush, noise, filter, and gate for adding excitement into your build-ups. The thing that makes this mixer stand out is the 8 RGB pads on each side. These are positioned on the left and right side of the mixer, allowing you to easily access them, and always have your hands near the other controls when needing to mix. You can use the pads to add in hot cue points, samples, or other user defined functions in Serato DJ, allowing you to create mashups on-the-fly to create unique mixes. By having the pads on the mixer close to the other controls, you can use one hand to control the samples, and the other to control the effects on the channel as well.

High Quality Effects

The Serato DJ enabled mixer features 4 high quality built-in effects. These effects can be easily added to any channel by the push of a button, and then you can use the channel’s dedicated knob for controlling the amount. The 4 built-in effects are noise, filter, gate, and crush. The FX section also features 14 additional effects. Use these high quality effects to add texture and excitement to your build-ups and breakdowns during mixes.

Versatile Mixer

The Mixars Quattro includes a range of features for spicing up your mixes. It allows you to add in your own hot cue points, samples, and play them whilst mixing to create a unique performance. It is also MIDI mappable, allowing you to use Serato DJ to map MIDI events to the available buttons on the mixer. The dual USB ports make DJ switch-overs a breeze, allowing you to keep both USBs plugged in at all times. There are 2 microphone inputs, allowing you to make announcements. The loop rotary control knob controls the loop and loop roll function in Serato DJ. By pressing it down you can activate a loop. By rotating it, you can change the size of the loop. The mixer also features line/phone outs for connecting up both cd/media players, as well as Serato timecode vinyls/turntables. The mixer also features a 5th fader for controlling the volume level of samples.

Connect External Equipment

The Mixars Quattro features stereo send and return ports that allow you to connect effects units into the mixer. The wet and dry amount can be controlled with the mixer, allowing you to integrate your favourite equipment. Connect your external effects unit, and utilise both your external effects and the built-in effects produce a unique mix.

Ideal For Clubs & Home Setups

The Mixars Quattro is the ideal DJ mixer for professional and home applications. Whether you enjoy DJing in your bedroom, at parties, or playing out, the mixer provides all the essentials you need for creating a powerful and unique mix. Featuring both line/phono outs, and XLR and RCA master outputs, the mixer can be integrated into all setups. Its rugged metal construction ensures durability, whilst its functionality provides versatility, ideal for a DJ of any genre.


  • Serato DJ & DVS enabled (completely integrated with Serato DJ)
  • Professional 4-channel digital club mixer for Serato DJ
  • 16 RGB pads with hot cue and sampler control (8 on each side)
  • Superior audio quality
  • Dual USB audio connections
  • 2 microphone inputs
  • Dedicated 4 high quality effects for each channel with a single knob (noise, filter, gate, crush)
  • Completely MIDI mappable
  • Trim output master volume
  • 24-bit digital output
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Auto loop encoder
  • Sampler switch
  • Dedicated sampler volume
  • Supports control-signal and playback for 4 DVS decks in Serato DJ
  • Control functions in Serato DJ using the mixer (eg. Sync, loading tracks, etc.
  • Connect and control your external effects
  • USB cable included
  • 1/4” jack, 3.5mm jack headphone ports
  • Line/phono outputs


  • Dimensions: 320 x 362 x 107mm
  • Consumption: 20W
  • Weight: 5.35kg

System Requirements

  • Mac: No driver needed

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