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Yamaha MG12X CV Analog Mixer


  • Compact 12-channel analog mixer
  • High-quality preamps provide clarity and detail with analog character
  • One-knob compressor, three-band channel EQ and SPX effects suite for tone shaping
  • Broad connectivity via RCA, XLR, and quarter-inch jack for routing audio

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The Yamaha MG12X CV is a 12-channel analog mixer with clean preamps and a comprehensive effects section. It is perfect for settings and engineers who don’t feel the need to rely on USB connectivity for their mixers, and setups that don’t need computers. If you’re in need of flexible audio routing with pristine quality and the same fantastic effects section as Yamaha’s venerable SPX effects processors, the MG12X CV is an effective way to add these features to your mixing setup.

The channel strips available consist of four mono channels with Yamaha’s clean, rich preamps, three-band EQ, and a one-knob compressor. These channels will accept XLR or quarter-inch jack connectors. Also included are two stereo channels with XLR inputs and phantom power, as well as three-band EQ. Finally, three sets of stereo channels that include high and low EQ shelves, and stereo RCA inputs for connecting to external audio devices. Two AUX sends/returns per channel with a pre-fader switch add further routing options, and smooth faders allow for natural level control. All of these features combine to give you twelve channels of audio that’s highly flexible. The MG12X CV is ideal for compact, all-in-one live mixing, conferences, events, and installation.

Studio Grade Preamps

The preamp is the starting point when it comes to mixers and they are the most vital components for determining the quality of your mix. The mixers within the Yamaha MG series all feature a studio-grade class-A D-PRE preamp to deliver more power at a lower impedance. This premium preamp possesses an extremely wide frequency range and delivers a sound full of fat bass tones and incredibly smooth highs with little to no distortion. This pure platform allows you to get straight into the performance without needing to spend wasted time trying to ‘fix’ your mix.

Integrated Digital Effects

Featuring Yamaha’s outstanding SPX effects processor, users are given up to 24 editable digital effects to enhance their sound with. The built-in effects may provide additional depth to an overall sound or give a boost to a live band performance. With incredible reverb and delay effects, the mixer delivers a natural sound full of clarity.

Total Tonal Control

To add the little details to your overall mix, the MG12X includes 3-band equalisers on all mono channels to give you complete control. Along with a reliable high-pass filter, the analog mixer eliminates unwanted low-frequency noise for an astonishingly clean mix. Then, fine-tune dynamics with the one-knob compressor, and you have a pristine, professional result.

Wide Variety Of Connectors

Every model in the MG series feature balanced XLR connectors on mono microphone, line channels and XLR equipped stereo channels. These mono inputs accept both mic and line level signals. Two stereo inputs have XLR and two phone connectors, accepting line level signals suitable for mono or stereo. The MG12XU model features an additional stereo channel with a pair of jack sockets for LINE levels.

Durable Construction

Mixing consoles experience harsh environmental conditions such as excessive temperatures, humidity, unstable power supplies and the testing conditions of travel in general. This is why the MG series mixers have been built to last and withstand the trials and tribulations of a variety of testing situations. The console features an incredibly robust, powder-coated metal chassis that is designed for convection cooling as well as reducing operational noise. The circuit board and each component underneath is thoroughly protected with controlled placement of the chassis to ensure that no impact passes through the casing.

Included In The Box

  • 1 x Yamaha MG12X Analog Mixer
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x Owner’s Manual
  • 1 x Technical Specifications Sheet


  • Discrete Class-A mic preamps
  • High quality sound op-amp
  • Switchable phantom power & PAD switch
  • 1-knob compressors
  • AUX input
  • EQ & high-pass filters
  • Variety of input & output connectors
  • LED level metering
  • Built-in SPX digital effects
  • Heavy-duty metal chassis


  • On-Board Processors: SPX Algorithm: 24 Programs, Parameter Control: 1, Foot Switch: 1 (FX RTN CH On/Off)
  • Phantom Power: +48V
  • Input Channels
    • Mono (Mic/Line): 4
    • Mono/Stereo (Mic/Line): 2
    • Stereo (Line): 2
  • Output Channels
    • Stereo Out: 2
    • Monitor Out: 1
    • Phones: 1
    • AUX Send: 2
    • Group Out: 2
  • Bus: Stereo: 1, Group: 2, AUX[Including FX]: 2
  • Input Channel Function
    • PAD: 26 dB (Mono)
    • HPF: 80Hz, 12dB/oct (Mono)
    • COMP
      • 1-Knob Compressor Threshold: +22dBu to -8dBu
      • Ratio: 1:1 to 4:1
      • Output Level: 0 dB to 7 dB
      • Attack Time: Approx 25 msec
      • Release Time: Approx 300 msec
    • EQ High: (Mono) Gain: +15dB/-15dB, Frequency: 10kHz Shelving
    • EQ Mid: Gain: +15dB/-15dB, Frequency: 2.5kHz Peaking
    • EQ Low: (Mono) Gain: +15dB/-15dB, Frequency: 100Hz Shelving
    • Peak LED: LED Turns On When Post EQ Signal Reaches 3dB Below Clipping
    • Level Metre: 2 x 12 -Segment LED Metre (Peak, +10, +6, 0, -6, -10, -20, -25, -30dB)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.03 @ +14dBu, Gain Knob: Min, 0.005 @ +24dBu, Gain Knob: Min
  • Frequency Response: +0.5dB/-1.5dB, Refer To Nominal Output Level
  • Hum & Noise Level
    • Equivalent Input Noise: -128 dBu (Mono Input Channel, Rs: 150Ω, Gain Knob: Max)
    • Residual Output Noise: -102 dBu (Stereo Out, Stereo Level Knob: Min)
  • Crosstalk: -78 dB
  • Power Requirements: AC 100
  • Power Consumption: 22W
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 118 mm
    • Width: 308 mm
    • Depth: 422 mm
  • Net Weight: 4.2 kg
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to +40°7
  • Product code: CMG12XCVUK

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