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AlphaTheta Euphonia 4 Channel Rotary Mixer

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The AlphaTheta Euphonia 4 Channel Rotary Mixer sets a new precedent in the world of DJ mixers, employing legendary Rupert Never transformers with a classic-style rotary design to create the ultimate mixing experience for DJs. Each channel features a three-band EQ in addition to the three-band isolator knobs (which also control the frequency range of the onboard send effects.

Employing AlphaTheta’s renowned studio-grade effects, the Euphonia features everything from delays to tape echos. At the heart of the Euphonia is a crisp visual display unit that features digital VU metering, bridging the gap between the analog and digital world. The VU Meter provides visual feedback for your frequency responses – even providing a ‘ghost frequency response’ when a frequency band is bypassed. You can also adjust the resonance on the silky-smooth filters for added flexibility.The elegant design of the Euphonia features wooden side panels with high-end rose-gold rotary controls and a robust enclosure. The design is inspired by vintage rotary mixers, with a crisp digital display with adjustable brightness for mixing in different environments. The Euphonia truly is the new gold standard of DJ mixers.

Unparalleled audio fidelity with Rupert Neve transformers

The AlphaTheta Euphonia 4 Channel Rotary Mixer is a masterpiece that bridges the gap between the pristine clarity of digital audio and the warm, rich textures of analog sound. Its heart beats with Rupert Neve-designed transformers, known for adding harmonious warmth to music, ensuring low frequencies punch harder, mid frequencies shine with gloss, and high frequencies resonate with a silky touch. This seamless fusion not only elevates the listening experience but also makes mixing diverse music styles feel like weaving a single, coherent sonic tapestry.

Tactile, precision controls

Every touch on the Euphonia’s rotary controls is a testament to engineering precision, designed to make the DJ feel at one with the mixer. The faders, adorned with an elastomer for a sure grip, respond intuitively to your touch, varying resistance based on speed to offer unparalleled control over the mix. This tactile feedback is complemented by a visual aid through the digital VU metering and the innovative Mix Level Meter, ensuring you have both the feel and the visual cues to blend tracks seamlessly.

Rich spatial effects for enhancing your performance

The Euphonia doesn’t just mix sounds; it inspires creativity. With built-in spatial effects, from lush reverbs to echoing delays, and the unique Boost Send feature, DJs can sculpt the soundscape with a single hand. This freedom unlocks new levels of expression, whether you’re subtly enhancing the ambiance or boldly transforming the sonic landscape. The choice of effect intensity further tailors the experience, allowing DJs to match the energy of their performance with the mood of the crowd.

Next generation three-band master isolator

The top-tier isolators feature large rose gold knobs for swift adjustments from neutral to full intensity or vice versa, ensuring a perfectly balanced torque load for both speedy manoeuvres and precise sound refinement. The luxurious tactile experience strikes the perfect balance between too light and just right. Its cut-off frequency and slope settings meticulously enhance the kick, melody, and rhythm sections, offering a natural yet pronounced delineation.

Boost Send for quick and easy effects

Experience the convenience of our innovative Boost Send, which revolutionizes the way you apply effects with just one hand. Whether incorporating one of the internal Send Effects or integrating an effect from an external source, you can now enrich any frequency band of the master isolator with ease.

Simply press the Boost Send button for the desired low, mid, or high-frequency band, and as you adjust the corresponding knob, the effect seamlessly blends into that segment. This feature allows for unparalleled control, enabling you to apply effects single-handedly while freeing up your other hand to blend another track seamlessly.

Master craftsmanship

Attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the Euphonia’s design. From the aesthetically pleasing wooden side panels and luxurious rose-gold controls to the meticulously developed fader mechanisms and high-quality audio converters, every feature is engineered to satisfy the most discerning DJs and audiophiles. This commitment to quality ensures that whether you’re playing vinyl classics or digital beats, the Euphonia delivers a mixing experience that is as enjoyable as it is professional.


  • Rupert Neve transformers ensure top-tier audiophile-grade sound quality
  • Energy Visualizer provides an immediate visual representation of the overall sound
  • Next-generation 3Band Master Isolator for nuanced sound control and transformation
  • Premium quality sound isolator for refined audio separation
  • Innovative Boost Send allows for one-handed application of effects
  • Boost Level adjustment for personalized style expression
  • Integrated Send FX to enhance sound depth and breadth
  • Two connection options for external effects units: Send/Return and Master Insert
  • Digital (coaxial) input terminal for high-quality sound input
  • Built-in USB Type-C audio interface for seamless PC/Mac connectivity
  • Compatibility with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro DJ software (license required for Serato DJ Pro)
  • 2Band Booth EQ for tailored monitor sound
  • Lockable Power Cord feature for secure connection (availability varies by region)


  • General:
    • Power Requirements: AC 110 V – 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
    • Power Consumption: 43 W
    • Power Consumption (Off): 0.2 W
    • Main Unit Weight: 9.5 kg/20.94 lbs.
    • Max. External Dimensions (W × D × H): 429.2 × 331.0 × 119.9 mm/16.90″ × 13.03″ × 4.72″
    • Tolerable Operating Temperature: +5 °C – +35 °C (+41 °F – +95 °F)
    • Tolerable Operating Humidity: 5 % – 85 % (no condensation)
  • Audio Section:
    • Sampling Rate: 96 kHz
    • MASTER, BOOTH, SEND (MASTER INSERT) D/A Converter: 32bit
    • CH Input A/D Converter: 32bit
    • Other A/D and D/A Converters: 24bit
    • Frequency Characteristic:
      • LINE: 20 Hz – 40 kHz
    • S/N Ratio (Rated Output, A-WEIGHTED):
      • USB, DIGITAL IN: 107 dB
      • PHONO: 88 dB
      • LINE: 105 dB
      • MIC: 79 dB
  • Input/Output Levels and Impedance:
    • Standard Input Level/Input Impedance:
      • PHONO: -52 dBu/47 kΩ
      • LINE: -12 dBu/47 kΩ
      • MIC: -57 dBu/ 3.5 kΩ
      • RETURN: -12 dBu/47 kΩ
    • Max. Input Level:
      • PHONO: -17.8 dBu
      • LINE: +15 dBu
      • MIC: +2 dBu
      • RETURN: +12 dBu
  • Equalizer Characteristics:
    • Channel Equalizer:
      • HI: -26 dB – +6 dB (20 kHz)
      • MID: -26 dB – +6 dB (1 kHz)
      • LOW: -26 dB – +6 dB (20 Hz)
    • Microphone Equalizer:
      • HI: -12 dB – +12 dB (10 kHz)
      • LOW: -12 dB – +12 dB (100 Hz)
    • BOOTH Equalizer:
      • HI: -12 dB – +6 dB (10 kHz)
      • LOW: -12 dB – +6 dB (100 Hz)
  • Input/Output Terminals:
    • PHONO Input Terminal: RCA pin jacks (4 sets)
    • LINE Input Terminal: RCA pin jacks (4 sets)
    • MIC Input Terminal: XLR connector & 1/4” TRS jack (1 set)
    • RETURN Input Terminal: 1/4” TS jack (2 sets)
    • DIGITAL IN Coaxial Input Terminal: RCA pin jacks (4 sets)
    • MASTER Output Terminal: XLR connector (1 set)
    • BOOTH Output Terminal: 1/4” TRS jack (1 set)
    • REC OUT Output Terminal: RCA pin jacks (1 set)
    • SEND Output Terminal: 1/4” TS jack (2 sets)
    • PHONES Output Terminal: 1/4” stereo jack (1 set), 3.5 mm stereo mini jack (1 set)
    • USB Terminal: USB Type-C (1 set)

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