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LD Systems ICOA SUB 18 A Powered 18″ Bass Reflex PA Subwoofer


  • 18-inch subwoofer for powerful low-end up to 29 Hz
  • 133 dB max. SPL and 2400 Watt peak power through highly efficient digital Class D power amplifier
  • Optimized bass reflex ports
  • DynX DSP with four application presets (three crossover frequencies, cardioid mode)
  • Switchable signal polarity and adjustable delay line for up to 10 meters
  • 2 x XLR/TRS “combo jack” inputs and 2 XLR Output
  • 18 mm rugged plywood housing and heavy-duty grill
  • 4 Aluminum handles with ergonomic rubber surface
  • Securely stackable with four stacking-grooves
  • M20 thread for distance pole

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Music starts to really groove when you can feel the bass in your body. The ICOA SUB can deliver as much bass as you want – to get the people rocking and entice them to the dance floor. It can even lend a multimedia presentation that special oomph it needs to reach its audience.

The ICOA SUB pumps out serious bass and gives you greater headroom and a clearer sound. This is because your subwoofer relieves the main speaker, whose woofers are now less burdened by high-energy bass impulses, resulting in less intermodulation distortion. Even at higher volumes, the sound doesn’t get muffled. Voices and instruments stay crystal clear.

Thanks to its powerful Class D amplifier with 600-watt RMS or 2400-watt peak output, you have some serious power at your command. The presets of the integrated DynX DSP – which offers crossover frequencies of 80, 100 and 120 Hz – let you finely balance your ICOA SUB perfectly with your system. Signal polarity can also be reversed and the SUB offers a delay line-preset for distances up to 10 meters.

When your needs begin to expand as the venues get bigger, your setup can grow along with you. Simply add more ICOA SUBs, which can be operated in parallel, giving you more and more power. You can also take advantage of the cardioid-preset. Simply position the additional subwoofers next to your ICOA SUB facing to the rear and enable the cardioid-preset to get a quieter and controlled low-end at the back while still keeping the punch at the front.

The rugged housings made of 18 mm laminated wood can be stacked, while the M20 thread on top lets you mount the main speakers using a distance pole. Transport is simplified by mounting rollers to the rear. Corner protectors guard the edges during setup. To keep the ICOA SUB from slipping out of your hands, its four aluminium grips are covered in rubber.

Whether you’re a DJ, singer-songwriter, rock or party band, the ICOA SUB produces the perfect bass to complement your live music. Lectures and multimedia presentations also benefit from its clarity and powerful presence, giving you the proper support to amplify emotions in your audience.

Product type:  PA subwoofer
Type:  Powered
Low/mid driver dimensions:  18 “
Woofer size:  457.2 mm
Woofer magnet:  Ferrite
Woofer brand:  Custom-made
Woofer voice coil:  4 “
Woofer voice coil (mm):  100 mm
Amplifier:  Class D
RMS:  600 W
Peak power:  2400 W
Frequency response (-10dB):  29Hz Preset depending
Max. SPL (peak):  133 dB
Protection circuits:  Excursion Limiter, over voltage, over-current, Peak Limiter, thermal overload
Controls:  Push encoder
Indicators:  LC display
Line inputs:  2
Line input connectors:  XLR/6.3mm jack combo jacks (balanced)
Line outputs:  2
Line output connectors:  XLR
Operating voltage:  100 – 240 V
Power consumption (max.):  675 W
Operating Temperature:  0 – 40 °C
Relative Humidity:  < 60% (non-condensing)
Cabinet material:  18 mm Multiplex
Cabinet surface:  texture paint
Cabinet construction:  Bass Reflex
Width:  626 mm
Height:  672 mm
Depth:  637 mm
Weight:  44,3 kg

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